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How To Flirt With A Customer

They make borderline comments in case the recipient rebukes their advancement. Did the customer ask you a question that only an interested person would ask? You can be confident that someone likes you if he or she asks a personal question, such as whether you are dating anyone. Most handbooks mention whether workers can engage in office romances and fraternizations.

Yours might also contain information about customer relations. Speak to your boss or human resources agent if the manual is missing a customer romance addendum. Many companies discourage dating clients to avoid possible liabilities, so make sure you ask before you do it. But you still have to consider your business partners and contractees first.

You provide them the service of serving their customers, and thus, you must preserve their relationships with them. Use your best judgment when handling yourself to avoid alienating any clients from their businesses.

Reject a flirt with care or flirt back with caution. Think about your status and desires. How do you feel about the interaction? Are you available?

What are you looking for? Those are three questions you must ask yourself before proceeding. But think about your values, religious beliefs, goals, etc. Evaluate the interaction for harassment and double standards.

Rethink the interaction and scan it for anything you might consider harassment. Proceed if your mind-search comes up null. Harassment is any unwanted or offensive advances, physical contact, or innuendos. Unwanted and offensive are the key words here. I suppose you're another cutie who is already in a relationship". I think I would be totally weirded out if the barista at my regular coffee spot just handed me their number without ever talking to me the dozens of times I had already been there.

At least if you engage in some small talk you can feel him out and gauge his interest. Start off with old reliable, "How are you? Do anything interesting? Americano today? That is fascinating! I wish I knew more about astrophysics.

Do you like it? Justice at AM on January 21, [ 4 favorites ] I'd have to agree with miles --please don't flirt with him at work. I'm so surprised that so many people are all on board with this "customer-serviceperson pick up scenario". If you're interested in him, please try to figure out how to run into him outside of work. Right now the only thing you actually know you have in common is that the coffee shop he stops at each morning is convenient for him.

Rather than internet stalking him, you can start up light conversation and discover whether you actually might share a common interest, and thus figure out how to run into each other, or it might even just end up happening spontaneously: You: "Oh, you always order my favorite drink! This morning I went with the double triple large because I was up late watching the meteor shower last night.

I'm going to be watching it again tonight through my super special telescope tonight at the science museum, maybe I'll see you there. This sucks for him if he's attached or not into you. Now he's lost his favourite morning coffee place.

Oh pshaw. I go back to my usual place every couple of days, even though I know the barista is going to flirt, even though there's no circumstance on this earth under which I'd date him. He hasn't written his name on a cup, but always says, "let me know if you ever want to hang out. It barely clears the "moderate" bar of awkward. We bonded over the Kinks often played in the coffee shop, a favorite for both of us.

He memorized my name and drink order, made a point to chat me up a bit, just "how was your weekend" etc. And then at one point I finally said, look, you clearly know my name, what's yours? Mine was a Mr. Latte instead of Mr. Americano -- everyone I worked with had noticed my crush. I started making his drink before he got to the register, and I handed it to him, here you go Mr. We started chatting mroe when he came in, and I tried to schedule my breaks for when he usually came in.

I asked if he worked near by, and he started coming in more than once during my shift. I got a lucky break, and a coworker basically forced me on him. I don't think he would have ever asked me out, because of all of the stigma mentioned above, so I would just be friendly, and if it gets chatty, just ask him out.

Good luck! If you're gonna do it, do it on the sly - slip him a note with his coffee as stated above, don't write it on the cup. Here's my number - call me. Flirting at work with anyone, especially a customer, is kinda icky and probably a fireable offense. Then make a cup for yourself, stroll over to his table and say "Oooh, what a morning it's been!

Do you mind if I sit down here for a minute? As others have said, it's good if you single him out among the other guests so he doesn't think you're just nice for the tips. Read something interesting, and ask him a question. I'm thinking it would be a better idea to talk about astrophysics only after he himself tells you his field. I find that asking "Having a good day? Also, comments on the weather or local sports teams if you're a fan are always reliable conversation starters.

I agree with rozaine on not going straight for the astrophysics questions until he tells you that's what he does - otherwise it seems a bit stalker-y to me. On his cup, write: posted by 2oh1 at PM on January 21, [ 1 favorite ] Start smiling at him!

Say something like "It's always nice to see you! How's your morning going? Ask how it went or whatever. Baristas don't get fired for making light flirty conversation with customers, people worrying about that are thinking of other types of jobs.