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How To Respond To Hey Sexy

Just bought a new red bra. Want me to model it for you after dinner? After that? Who knows? Rather than texting him to pick up the dry cleaning after work, try one of these texts to keep things spicy. Life gets in the way. Hey, meet me at home for lunch. Just send a photo of you in lingerie. She decides to try a different approach to get Billy off of the couch. Iron your blue shirt, baby.

The rules? Our bed will never be the same. Should we burn the sheets? I blush at the memory. I look forward to a repeat performance…tonight? Just like there are sexy texts for him going bananas over you, there are also un-sexy texts and bad textiquette that you should avoid. You are super excited about this new guy, and you want to bask in his attention. Did you get my last [10] texts? Wow, whatever dude. Bye, Felicia. Seriously, girl. I just know it! Curb your hysteria and find something to do to distract yourself.

If You Have Questions Yes, I did say that asking a guy questions via text is a good way to start a conversation, however, let me make a caveat. Some topics, like his messed up childhood, are better discussed over steak.

So…what did you do today? Did you go to the gym? How long did you work out? Were you thinking of me? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Do you have siblings? Too much too soon. If you must, make a list of questions you are dying to ask him, then dole them out slowly. That might indicate that you took the photo for someone else…last night!

What will I do to punish you? Always know your audience. I just want to say…baby…I love you. Wanna come over and play? Turn your phone off or give it to a friend so you avoid the dreaded drunk texts. Guys are notorious for this, but you can improve your text game instantly just by launching into a topic or asking a question right away. Whatcha up to this weekend? Register for this free training to learn how to find him. What are you doing? Like I said, every guy is different, so the text strategy that works for one may not work for another.

One guy may absolutely suck at having actual text conversations, but be great at calling. Another may sweetly check in on you every morning before you go to work.

One may send penis pics and ask for you to reciprocate. Another may be too embarrassed to try sexting. One man may think witty comments about politics are foreplay.

Know his limits before you send sexy texts for him. Have fun with it! The more time you spend sending sexy texts for him, the more confident you will become. PS My Love Texting Ebook will give you more great examples that you can put into play with your own sexy texts for him.

Download it instantly. Want something? Who knows, he may be asking if he can pick you up a sweet treat next time. I blame you. This will reassure him that your conversations are meaningful, and you like where things are headed. But if he brushes it off or has an awkward reply, then the feelings may not be mutual. But it also avoids making the conversation explicitly sexual, which can be too bold for some people. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

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