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I Can Make It Without You

Giving control of your happiness is a lot of power to give to someone else. You should want to be in control of that yourself — it is your life, after all. You may find that the more you need them to get through your day, the less of their day they will want to spend with you.

The more you let them know how much you need them, the more burden they will feel and the more they may become even more distant. It becomes an endless cycle of neediness, resistance, and ill will for you both as neither of gets your needs met. It would feel suffocating. So no one should be held responsible for your happiness in life but you.

There is nothing more attractive than a bright, capable, happy, self-confident individual. If you struggle with this, try to find some things you can do on your own and push yourself to enjoy it. Take baby steps if you need to. Laura: We're headed for the top, We got it on lock, We'll make 'em say "hey!

Both: There's no way I can make it without ya, Do it without ya, It's no fun, when you're doing it solo. With you it's like whoa! Therefore, the song is featured in every single episode. This song is most likely about Austin, Ally , Trish , and Dez , and how Austin couldn't be famous without them. The theme shows many pictures of the gang in many different outfits from many episodes. It is the ninth song on the album.