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I Dont Need A Man Miss A

See media help. The group's vocal range spans from the low note of A3 to the high note of D5. The video features Nicole Scherzinger singing, Carmit Bachar doing her hair and Jessica Sutta having a shower as they prepare to go out. In the chorus, the Dolls mimic a hair salon scene. During the second verse, the video shows Kimberly Wyatt in a bath getting ready to go out, Melody Thornton putting on her make-up and Scherzinger singing.

The dance set in front of the graffiti is also cute and edgy. It helps to hone in on the female badass angle the girls were only skirting around before.

A quick switch into the rap break meant suiting up, and here we can see miss A going a little Beyonce on us. These scenes were an amusing touch Suzy looked absolutely adorable and were great as the last home stretch to drive the point of the song home. In their solo shots, the two looked a little more focused on delivery rather than having fun with the music. Other than that, the girls have great chemistry, as always, but the choreography seemed a little oversimplified for miss A.

It looked a little more like old school WG moves than a fresh take on the fab foursome — it almost looked to easy for them.