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I Give Anything To Fall In Love

Those who are active in combat might not want to have a family or a love interest because they know that their lives are dangerous and they want to save a partner from the heartache of a challenging life together. The choice to reject love for them becomes a selfless act. They know that they could be killed or hurt, and they don't want a loved one to have to deal with that. These individuals are courageous, though what is already a difficult job becomes even more so because they don't have a loved one or a family to act as a support network for them.

If this is a choice that you've made, then hopefully you at least have some other family members with whom you are close. It's challenging to face the inherent difficulties of this sort of life if you're completely alone. Those Who Are Not Willing to Give Love a Second Chance There is one additional group of people who don't want to have anything to do with love, and that's those who experienced it before and had a decidedly awful experience with it.

There are some loves which fail so spectacularly that they leave scars that seem as though they will never heal. Years of therapy are sometimes needed to get over these sorts of breakups. If these individuals never fall in love again, then they are okay with that. They've tried it once, or a few times, and now they're ready to explore a solitary existence.

They feel like based on what they've gone through, being alone is a better option for them. For any of the situations described, the critical question is whether you are always going to feel the same way that you do now.

You might have carved out a life for yourself where love seems superfluous. Based on what you went through in the past, what you saw others go through, or based on religious fervor or career choices that you made, you might have it in your head that you can get along fine for the rest of your life without love.

However, by doing so, it's hard to argue with the notion that you have made things hard on yourself. Many people feel that love is the finest and purest of human emotions. It compels you to better yourself, to do things that you might not have believed were possible on your own.

When you love someone so sincerely that you want to become a better person for them, how can that be a bad thing? When you're alone, you don't have anyone to commiserate with when life deals you a blow, and you do not have anyone to celebrate with when you accomplish something toward which you were working.

Even the act of managing day to day life completely on your own can be overwhelming at times. Those who do not get sick of their own company when they're alone for every second of every day are a rare breed. You might feel that you're one of them now, but you might not feel that way forever. Allow Yourself Some Flexibility Being alone sometimes is fine. It is a healthy thing to be solitary on occasion, and to gauge how you are feeling about various things that are happening in your life.

But a life lived alone is typically a lonely existence. Humans are, by our nature, social animals. To wall off that part of yourself is likely to cause you pain, especially as you watch others thrive in healthy relationships. It is far better if you find yourself in any of the situations described, to not be completely rigid about rejecting love.

There might be a time when you've accomplished all you want to in your career, and you want to start dating. You might meet the right person and decide that love is worth the risk again. Even a religious calling can lose its luster sometimes if a chance at love presents itself. It seems likely that any deity would forgive you for this lapse, if they perceive that you have a genuine chance at happiness in this world. Also, remember that if you do find love and start a family, you will have more options for care as you age.

If you're infirm, and have no family members whom you love around you, you're going to be trusting your care to strangers. Most people would admit that this is a less than ideal situation. Navigating Love With BetterHelp Studies have shown that online therapy can be an effective way of dealing with anxiety, depression, or similar issues stemming from concerns about love. Treatment came in the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT , a widely accepted method of helping patients deal with complicated emotions.

With internet-based CBT, therapists help people to reframe unhelpful or negative thoughts, so that they can learn to manage social situations and interactions in a healthy manner. With more options for finding a licensed therapist, you have a better chance of matching with a counselor who knows exactly how to help you through this time in your life. Our counselors are available through phone calls, text, video conferencing, and chat rooms. Read below for counselor reviews, from BetterHelp users experiencing similar issues.

She listens and asks questions that really make me think. She has also taught me some useful mindfulness visualization techniques that have helped my relationships and my stress. I am so glad I am working with her and happy I found someone who I felt trust in very quickly. She challenges me! Finally, we become whole, we forget whatever it is that we lack. But what if the person who possesses such a trait also has other traits that are not desirable, or even harmful? One example is when we find an adventurous person, but with a violent streak.

Is it worth it? Would you like to have his exciting life even if he hurts you physically and emotionally? Can you not find this trait in another person who is in control of himself?

Or can you not try to grow this trait into your own character? We project an illusion of our ideals instead of seeing other people as they are. Are you really in love? Or are you just in love with the idea of being in love? Do you love your partner? Or are you just in love with your illusion of who your partner is?

We demand from them things they could never give us. We want to turn them into persons they could never really become.

To find true happiness, we must also accept the truth about other people. Have you so forgotten your own needs that you also forgot what you truly want in your life partner? They have been allowed to dream, and they truly believed they can someday meet people who can make them happy. True love demands truthfulness from your heart. Dare to find out what you want. Only then can your desires be satisfied. We know exactly the kind of people who could make us happy.

Along the way, however, we were convinced we could never really find them. How many times have you been told your standards were too high? To fall in love is not a tedious obligation to be performed, but a blessed opportunity to be grateful for!