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I Miss My Man

Go to some store you've always thought about but never had the time to go to and see what they have. You can also go shopping for a special gift for your man so you can surprise him when he returns. Work: If you have been putting off doing something for work, get it done. This is particularly true for anything that involves a big presentation or a big meeting. Do some prep work so you can come into work feeling confident and ready to go.

If you are a student, pull out the books and get some homework done. Read a book: The great thing about reading a book is that you can totally tune out the outside world and get lost in the pages.

Curl up with a good book and see how the plot unfolds. We all have that one book on our shelf that we've wanted to read but have never found the time for, so get started on it! In general, just find something to do and just keep yourself busy.

Apart from being the most productive solution to your problem, this will help you catch up on stuff that you have been procrastinating about for a long time. We all have those projects and responsibilities we have been putting off for another day, and with your boyfriend gone, you have the time to finish what you've started. Write Him Handwritten Letters If you are missing your partner in a long-distance relationship, one of the best ways to channel your emotions without making a fuss about it is to write letters by hand.

This also works if your man is going to be away for a number of weeks and you know the address he is staying at. Writing a love letter by hand is one of the most emotionally pacifying things you will ever experience. Pull out all your emotions from the deepest corner of your heart and write touching messages to your long-distance partner. This can be a good way to ease into a discussion about spending more time together. Talk to him about the relationship and try to find out more about his feelings.

You know your boyfriend best, so choose a strategy based on his usual responses and his personality. If he is a little stubborn, be prepared to work a bit harder to come up with ideas. In most cases, you can simply ask to hang out more often. You can also explain how important it is to you that you see each other more often. If he cares about you and wants the relationship to be successful, he should agree. Try to stay focused on showing him why the issue is important to you.

For example, maybe you feel like seeing each other more often would help you grow as a couple. Having a variety of solid reasons will help. When you miss your boyfriend, you would probably like to see him in person. A date or hanging out with a group of friends might sound nice.

None of these ideas will completely replace spending time with your boyfriend in person, but they can be helpful when you are too busy or live far away from each other. Talk to your boyfriend to come up with even more ideas. If you have an amazing time with your boyfriend then it is normal to miss him when you are apart. It is probably less normal to not miss your boyfriend when you are apart. However remember that it is good to spend some time apart now and again , remember the phrase absence makes the heart grow stronger.

What can you do to make things between you a little bit healthier? Work on your love language. Talk to your partner about how you feel and let him know what might make you feel more secure. You can discover your love languages together!

Or it might help you if he shows how much he loves you through his actions. Remember that he is not solely responsible for how you feel, so you can ask him to do these things but he is not required to totally change his personality for you. Build up your life. This means that you have other things that can make you feel happy, secure, and interesting.

Identify the triggers for your feelings. You might notice that certain things trigger these intense rushes of missing your boyfriend. Restrict yourself. Keep going with this practice and you will start to see some changes in the intensity of your feelings, as well as your actions.

Communicate your fears. It will be helpful for him to understand how you feel, and you can come to a solution that works for you both, as mentioned in the section on love languages.