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I Really Miss You, Baby

Otherwise, you'll be in big trouble. I'm gonna miss you," Brianna says. For Pete's sake. It's not like she's leaving on a trip around the world. She's only headed to homeroom. I allow myself to not feel the need to be some sort of wonder woman. You can't do everything at once and tear your hair out when you miss your baby using a potty for the first time, although my son was obviously very sad that his mum was not there on his big day.

Come on, where did you learn to fight? Miss Manners' School for Girls? My baby sister could hit harder than you when she was three years old. Damn, if you're going to turn Daimon, the least you could do is take a few fighting lessons so you can make my boring job more interesting. Wulf - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon By the time she a year old Mae Mobley following me around everwhere I go Miss Leefolt, she'd narrow up her eyes at me like I done something wrong, unhitch that crying baby off my foot.

I reckon that's the risk you run, letting somebody else raise you chilluns - Author: Kathryn Stockett I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you're single among a room full of couples. We'd traveled, we'd been to lots of parties, lots of movies and concerts, we'd slept in.

We'd done all those things that people with children seem to miss so passionately. We didn't want those things anymore. We wanted a baby. It's with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can't relocate. I have two babies under 4. I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best.

It's bad enough to be a baby-making machine with no epidural in sight in exchange for the state-sanctioned title of 'Mrs' before one's name. But to be a 'Miss' with an ever-increasing brood of children, just waiting for the man to grow weary of stretch marks and spit-ups?

No thank you? If the way I miss you was the oceans, it would be the deepest. You make my world empty while you are away. I need your presence to complete me, my love. Life is sweet when we can appreciate each other. I fell in love with you and my life changed forever. I realized that it has grown more than ever.

I really miss you, I miss u. To the woman who stole my soul and ran away, you are under arrest and shall be detained in the dungeons of my heart forever. I miss you dearly.

From being a crush, to my girlfriend and then to the woman of my dreams. There is no feeling in the world that is better than loving you. My heart beats for you and you alone. I miss you with all my heart. Your eyes shine like a million stars in the sky and your smile is brighter than the moon itself.

Your face is like watching the beautiful skies at night. Looking out the window, I miss you more than ever.

Loving you is easy because your heart is beautiful. Loving you is easy because you understand me. Loving you is easy because you rule my entire world. Queen of my heart and the woman of my thoughts. You are the princess of my mind and the goddess of my soul.

Loving you feels epic and I miss it! We chose to spend our lifetimes with each other. I miss you more than I miss you a second ago. I cannot wait for it! I considered myself lost before I found you. It is the greatest gift that God could ever give me. No star can ever shine as bright as the one in your eyes. Been with you is like been with the stars. Right now, I want to be with the stars! Been with you is like a drug. No one understands me like you do. No one supports and inspires me like you do.

I feel like I need some of that now that everything feels dull and colorless. Come back to me while I wait for you. From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one for me. I fell in love and I kept falling over and over again. Baby, please come back to me. I saw you in my dream last night. In your left hand was the star and in your right was the moon. Like an angel, you smiled brightly. I miss you so much! Maybe aliens exist. Maybe there were dinosaurs before us.

Maybe life started from a single cell. The pain of missing you is unbearable and the joy of seeing you is enormous. I miss you, my love. My dear wife, I miss you so much, I love you. I have never felt bad about anything the way I feel sad whenever I leave you behind at home, I always want to see you by side, and will do everything possible to make it work next time, I miss you love.

I hope you miss me the same way I do, life is never the same if you are not here. I want you right here, right now. I look forward to the beautiful day when I will see you again.

You remain the number one thought on my mind every passing minute, I love you. I miss you, I love you. I miss you so much. Life is so good when you have someone that can be so special to you and you are also special to the person, which is what I called balanced love; I know we both missed each other so badly.

I love you; I will be home very soon. You are the joy of my soul, I will not stay too long here, I will be coming home soon, I miss you. Life is never the same without you, I miss your lovely smile and all the intimate time we spend together, you remain my dear wife and my best friend. I will be back soon, I miss you. You are the only one that makes me feel this way, sad when we are apart and happy when we are together.

I never wish for a single day when I will look at my side and you will not be there. I love you with all my heart. You may not be here with me right now, but still, I carry in my heart everywhere I go. Life is joy, life is good to know that you are still over there waiting for me, I miss you so much. My eyes are bored, because I have to cry all through the night and day. I hope you are reading this right now, you mean everything to me.

Please come back home. Nothing can take your love away from my heart, not this distance between us; I only miss you so much. And I still love you more than how much you know.

I miss you my dear wife, I miss you so much. I miss all the beautiful moments we share together, I miss every about you, I miss you, my dear wife.

You have always been the sweetest part of my life, I miss you so much, baby. You may not be here with me right now, but I carry all the beautiful thoughts about you in my mind always.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Her 1. It feels like a hole appears in my heart with every day that passes, without you. Tu me manques my babe.

I get hurt seeing other couples kiss and hug while you are so far away. Thinking about your absence feels like the most difficult thing that has ever happened to me. Hey babe, close your eyes, what do you see? Come stay with me. I know it. Stashed under my bed, I have been tossing artwork and birthday cards and trinkets in there for years. I found your hospital bracelet from the day you were born.

I placed it in my palm and circled it back together… held it in the place where the nurse snipped it off and released you to me—in a way, for forever, but also for only a short time. I miss you already. It seems funny to say that when you're sitting right in front of me. But it wasn't so long ago that you couldn't sit at all. You learned how to do that, and then you learned how to do everything—to crawl and walk and run and jump.

And sing and dance and climb. You used to need me so much. You'd cry in the middle of the nigh t, and even though I'd groan and sometimes say a bad word under my breath , I sincerely cherished the times I was the one who fed you, who held you, who calmed you.

It felt like an eternity before you slept through the night, but when I think back, it seems like only a brief moment in my life. Time is a funny thing. How can I miss you?