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I Want You Back Oldie

The young man offers her long-distance love as well as encouragement to keep hanging in there for two more years until they can be together again.

This song was written two years after Clapton's four-year old son, Conor, fell from a window of a 53rd-floor New York apartment building. In the years since, Clapton dealt with his grief by writing this Grammy-nominated song and by making public service announcements for childproofing windows and staircases. For many people the effects of a broken relationship linger.

So says this song in which a man still wonders why his lover left, as he desperately struggles with his memories of her.

He misses her and is having a hard time moving on because everywhere he goes there are reminders of her sweet tenderness. While traveling on business, the narrator calls home when his child asks, "Daddy when you comin' home? However, there is comfort in knowing that your loved one watches over you from above. This song acknowledges their loving watchfulness. What i can remember is that line, "so suuuure" Tessa 13 May Reply i keep having a song i my head it goes And i really wanna- and thats all i remember it sounds like a 90s kinda song or like those kind of songs that are very chill like a bit jazz but i cant remember Reply There is an alternative rock song that I cant think of.

The chorus goes like: I didnt mean let down oh now i didnt mean to let you down oh oh noow. I need the name of the artist. It goes something like this, a female voice: " You caaaaaaaaaan't giving it up on love you just cant giving it up on love Quite uplifting tempo, in the middle it is a short piece of soothing guitars than it starts again.

I think the song is quite new. Maybe I got the lyrics mixed up. Suni 13 May Reply Hello! I am looking for this song: You can hear it in the background of the "Son of Sams- descent into darkness" trailer on Netflix. I already looked for it and on reddit they only found "Timber Timbre" or "Season of the Witch" etc.