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When using an automated template, teams can enter key details such as the effective date, the counterparty name and the length of the agreement by changing the smartfields. This allows commercial teams like sales, HR and finance to self-serve on contracts , as it ensures that the more technical clauses surrounding the contract duration can be replicated without the need for legal to re-draft them each and every time.

However, it also ensures that the contracts can be customized to communicate the more specific and personal details for each individual contract, like when it will take effect. By comparison, when parties change an effective date in Juro, they simply need to amend the date in the text editor and it will make the changes immediately to the live document, which will automatically notify the counterparty.

This is key to achieving a more efficient contract workflow. In Juro, users can sort contracts based on different criteria and filter the dashboard to show the most relevant contracts or ones with specific smart field values. This means that Juro users can filter contracts based on their effective dates, as well as other values like renewal dates, value, and contract type.

Similarly, Juro users can set up a table view where they can see all of their effective dates in one place. This is called Juro's contract repository. This makes it quicker and easier to search and query specific contracts to find out when they come into effect. Manage contracts in Juro Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform that helps visionary legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace.

Get automated reminders for key dates in your contracts with Juro. Instantly book a minute demo Enable your business to self-serve on and eSign simple templates. Schedule a live, personalized demo with a Juro specialist Power internal approvals and external negotiations without leaving your browser. Smart storage and reporting means you'll never miss a contract deadline again.

See in-depth analysis of your contract process - and tailored solutions Power internal approvals and external negotiations without leaving your browser. Find out what all-in-one contract automation can do for your business Smart storage and reporting means you'll never miss a contract deadline again. Schedule a demo First Name To learn more about the use of your personal data, please consult our readable privacy policy.

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