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Kiss Me Like We Re Lovers

You turn me on, turn me off like a flashlight, feel like a blindman who's taking the night-flight, so kiss me I am the mirror who holds your reflection, you can't resist me, I am your infection Strawberry lips saying, Baby I want you, Raising my fever tonight so why don't you just kiss me, oh woh oh, kiss me Strawberry lips call my name so inviting, can't think of anything else more exciting, so kiss me, oh woh oh, kiss me nanananananana Dressed to the teeth in your soft skin and perfume, only my heart cuts the silence in your room Strawberry lips saying, Baby I want you, Raising my fever tonight so why don't you just kiss me, oh woh oh Strawberry lips are my favorite flavour, drinking their colour is all that I'm made for, so kiss me, oh woh oh, kiss me, oh woh oh kiss me, oh woh oh, kiss me, oh woh oh Singles premiere and mp3 tracks are transcribed here for the first time for you to read and share with others.

Come back to visit us anytime, and share your thoughts and comments that helps us improve and grow. Benjamin Ingrosso - Me without you Can't believe we were fifteen We both so young and so naive We would Make an always-forever pact And carve our names into the past How quickly it all goes Now were just barely Holdin' on no [Chorus:] If I could let you Go would you fly And if I did would it save us tonight Or would it brea Malika Ayane - Una Ragazza Quante ore si sprecano Lascia stare che i conti non tornano Il boa al tuo collo e di struzzo Anche i nodi piu stretti si sciolgono E all'improvviso Alleluia Non serve un miracolo per essere una favola favola favola Una ragazza come me Se ride, Non vuol dire sia felice Forse sta contando vecchie la Emilian - Noaptea mea Baby Recunosc ca n-am crezut ca Doar tu doar tu, numai tu Poti sa ma faci sa simt ca totul Esti tu esti tu Cand inchid ochii te vad Tu imi esti lumina In intuneric as sta Cand tu esti de vina [Refren:] De-ai fi tu noaptea mea Ziua n-ar exista La stele m-as urca Sa simt ca esti doar a m Sigma - How will I know feat.

Karma Child How'd you got into my soul? We found each other in a broken world I got a feeling, but I need to know for sure How will I know? Been in the dark, and I've been wrong before You got [? Check in my eyes, they're hiding Sigma - That feeling Yeah, I fucked it up so many times Yeah, I didn't mean And I've done so many things for the thrill of it When my troubles take control, I take a sip and let it go But I don't regret a thing, not a single bit That feeling over your body, oh That feeling over your body, oh That feeling over your body Sigma - Alright for now Hotels, familiar faces Postcodes, we dream of escaping One night and we could be all we need Light up, pretend that we're sober Handshake cause you're coming closer One kiss and everything disappears I've been feeling every second, every minute, every hour And we don't know where we're headed We m Sigma - Strong feat.

Kovic The way I feel about you It can't be bought, it can't be sold Deep as the ocean blue Worth more than diamond gold Cause you've got something I've been needing All my life, all my life Your love is something it makes everything alright This time I know Baby, this love feels way too rights me wrong Sigma - Climb feat. Jamie Scott These hands will keep on reaching, These feet will keep on running, This heart will keep on searching, Until I climb this mountain Freedom Comes to those who don't wait Who don't wait to feel too common in their way Love me or don't love me Say how it is Cause darling, yeah I ain't got time to re Here are the lyrics: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh I've been afraid all of my life Crippled with anxiety, shame and doubt, And sometimes at times I'd like to shout At the top of my lungs and just let it Grab the lyrics below and enjoy the new track!

You won't break my soul You won't break my soul You won't break my soul You won't break my soul I'm tellin' everybody Everybod Ruth Koleva - Moving On I'm somewhere in between the lines I've never ever felt so small Us to play hide and seek, then you run and hide We've been doing this for too long Give me your love You've been giving me love Give me good love Why you do this?

Keeping it on, keeping in it up keeping it run, cause I'm foolish Lift Irina Rimes - Nu Stiu Posibil sa te fi sunat ieri noapte la trei Probabil nu m-am gandit, era foarte tarziu Posibil sa fi fost o clipa-necata in slabiciuni Posibil probabil nici nu mai stiu Dar spune-mi de ce vezi sfarsitul? Cand tu spui ca suntem bine-amandoi?

Si ploaia cum plange la geam, Nu-i deloc despre noi Ma TANK ft J. Can I drown in it too? Baby [Chorus: Tank] When I go deep