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In and , due to growing evidence and protest, a majority of APA membership agreed to remove homosexuality from the manual.

Since , Gender Identity Disorder, or trans identity, has been listed as a disorder. Kids Help Phone — Children and youth ages 5 to 20 can speak with trained cousellors at Kids Health Phone Health care use among gay, lesbian and bisexual Canadians.

Statistics Canada. Canada: Statistics Canada,; G. Who are trans people in Ontario? Report No. Prejudice, social stress, and mental health in lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations: Conceptual issues and research evidence. Psychological Bulletin.

Police reported hate crime in Canada, Juristat [Internet]. Suicidality among trans people in Ontario: Implications for social work and social justice. Service social, ; 59 1 : Gapka and R. Trans health project: A position paper and resolution adopted by the Ontario public health association.

I wanted to make people uncomfortable, because it is a real conflict that people have, but I also wanted to bring knowledge, too, because there's a lack of information in our community still regarding slaves existing in the Dominican Republic. She's like, 'What's up with that? I don't feel comfortable.

In one scene, Cynthia looks in the mirror after Laura had done her roller set and goes, 'This is so stupid,' and takes the rollers all out and moves on. While that was a funny scene, it actually meant so much more. In the last scene of the short, Cynthia is overjoyed she's met a woman she really connects with and relates to and vocalizes that while also referring to her and Laura as Afro-Latinas.

Laura is instantly uncomfortable and responds expressing how much she hates that term and how she doesn't identify as Black but only as Dominican. The two find themselves in a heated argument that results in Laura eventually walking away. Aquino wanted to use this scene to highlight some of the intolerances that exist today in our culture when it comes to people's individual identity journeys. For me, it's not supposed to be black or white. The creator, Rudy Valdez, focuses the film on his sister, Cindy Shank, who is a mother of three currently serving a year sentence.

She was charged with the crimes committed by her ex-boyfriend who has since passed away and was separated from her children. A group challenges their conviction in court based on adjusted scientific evidence, proving their previous cause for sentencing false. In addition to the specifics of their case, the movie also explores the way harmful mythology, homophobia, and prosecutorial rage led to their punishment in the first place.

Joaquin and Manolo are both in love with their longtime friend, Maria. But this is no simple love triangle—two deities have wagered a bet about their marital outcomes and, of course, feel the need to interfere with their relationships. Look, I don't make the rules. Under The Same Moon tells the story of a young boy who crosses the Mexican-American border to find his working mother in the United States.

The film not only tackles the struggles of family and immigration, but the strong acting performances by Adrian Alonso Carlitos , Kate del Castillo Rosario , and Engenio Derbez Enrique will be sure to move you. America Ferrera plays Ana Garcia, a curvy Mexican-American teenager faced with overcoming traditional gender stereotypes and following her dreams in the U.

The film follows 9-year-old Junior from Caracas, Venezuela, who becomes obsessed with straightening his hair and deals with homophobia from his mother. Director Mariana Rondon powerfully portrays modern day identity issues, racism, and violence in this intense drama. Directed by the brilliant Alfredo de Villa, this film takes you through the surprising revelations, confessions, and enduring love of a close Puerto Rican family. Watch Now 16 Viva Set in Cuba, Viva stars Hector Medina as Jesus, a young drag performer trying to live as his authentic self, until his estranged father resurfaces and forces him to quit his love of performing.

This moving film directed by Irish filmmaker, Paddy Breathnach, explores a niche social scene in Cuba and the struggles to repair a broken father and son relationship.