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Then it's time to create your personal profile. Share your picture if you like and share your wants. That way, the other members know a little bit more about you and you'll be well on your way to meeting your perfect match. The relationship between class and queer identity is something that also arises in other novels and films that center young adult Latina lesbian experiences. Her father is an alcoholic and is physically abusive to his family; however, because they are financially dependent on him the mother refuses to leave.

Marci is aware of the power dynamic between her parents and how her father yields more because he is the breadwinner. The violence that Marci witnesses and experiences at home happens simultaneous to her exploration of her sexuality. Marci knows that she likes girls but lacks the vocabulary and resources to understand that she does not have to be a man in order to legitimately do so.

However, because of this lack of information she prays that God give her huevos, slang for male genitalia, so that she can defeat her father.

The relationship between class and queer identity, in this case, is further complicated by the fact that Mari and her family are undocumented. Both of the young women are in a stage of self-discovery and find solace in on another and the special bond they have created. However, the innocence in their relationship and love for one another is quickly soiled by the realities and responsibilities their class statuses impose.

Mosquita also finds that dating a young man comforts her parents and her friends, who were becoming resistant to her friendship with Mari. The marriage is understood as one that will financially protect Marlena as will cure her of her deviancy. Laura momentarily dates a young man and is invited back home by her mother. However, Laura realizes she does not want to engage in a false relationship in order to feel like she belongs and she is kicked out of her home once again.

Overall, the novel presents an opportunity to create conversation about the experiences of young Latina lesbians.