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Lesbian Connections Magazine

Founded in by several women, Margy Lesher was especially involved with Lesbian Connection. While planning the first ever Midwest Lesbian Conference that year, Lesher became frustrated with the difficulty of distributing information to lesbians on a wide scale, and so called a meeting of Ambitious Amazons — taking a term from the book by Helen Diner: Mothers and Amazons: The First Feminine History of Culture.

The title stuck. LC estimates it reaches over 7, women. These women's lands and festivals were started by mostly working class, young women. It can start with a local zoom meeting or something small and grow into something big. Edit: I removed the link to my women's land tag because it didn't seem to work. If you're on my page, click the tag below and it should take you to the relevant posts. The second group of periodicals is newspapers.

These are kept in flat acid-free boxes, shelved alphabetically by title. The earliest with Lesbian content include a New York publication called Rat, which was actually an alternative paper taken over for one issue by women in the late s before it folded, and Come Out! We have a collection of Lesbian periodicals dating back to the s. The third group of periodicals contains newsletters.

But usually newsletters circulate only among members of a group. Most have letters and information about the organization the newsletter represents. Early newsletters were done on typewriters and produced on mimeograph or ditto machines; now they look more professional due to desktop publishing. We have a working list of the newsletters in our collection, and we continue to update our database.