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Lesbian Friend Likes Me

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 16 Question I see this girl everywhere at school. She stares at me and is jealous when l talk to others girls. Community Answer Are you friends with the girl? If you are, just tell her how you feel. If you are not, try to avoid making eye contact with her or talking to her until she gets the message.

I am in a difficult position now, and I need help. What should I do? Jay The emo Tell him the truth. It might be hard, but it's importaint to tell the truth. Not Helpful 10 Helpful 11 Question Some stranger is interested in me and I am scared to tell her that I am not a lesbian.

She even gave me her number and asked me to call her. I am uncomfortable. Community Answer There is no reason to be scared. All you have to say is, "I don't date women," or "I'm sorry, I'm straight so I'm not interested. Just be respectful and you have nothing to worry about. If she brings up little details that you've told her in the past, this could be a sign that she's going out of her way to really get to know you. Initiating physical touch, especially in more intimate areas.

This includes affectionate and romantic gestures, like helping you put on your necklace, fixing your hair, and trying to hold or cuddle you. Listen to Your Instinct It's hard to know if someone likes you as a friend or something more. If she's constantly joking around with you, she could have a great sense of humor or uses her jokes as an icebreaker. Ultimately, you need to go with your intuition. Often, the energy between two people is palpable.

Feel for it, but understand that you can never be sure if it's one-sided. Of course, the only real way to find out if she likes you is to ask her. If you get intimate, however, things are definitely looking up. Be Cautious Implement good boundaries. If you're wondering if a co-worker is interested, you can ask her to hang out outside of work. Don't hit on her while in the office, as this is highly inappropriate and uncomfortable for other parties. Whatever you choose to do, use caution.

While many signs may add up to her liking you, take it slow and get to know her better. If she is in love with you, she would do special stuff for you, as little gestures of care - gifts or helping you in difficult moments. Her eyes would follow every single reaction of yours. I could tell you more, but while having no idea about her as a person - behavior, experience and etc. I might get wrong. So try it slowly and carefully.