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Lesbian Love Magazine

Clearly, whether it's ancient Vikings, pre-Christian patriarchs, contemporary talk show hosts fretting about femi-nazis or presidential contenders wallowing in sexist slurs, the modern feminist has an ancient torch to bear. Costine is a gifted speaker, writer and philosopher and her work will continue to generate both heat and light.

It's a common adage that lesbians meet, fall in love, and move in with one another in very short time frames; but Lesbian Love Addiction analyzes why, and provides important insights not just into behaviors, but how to modify them for greater success. The result is highly recommended for any psychology or women's issues collection.

With excellent research, Costine offers sound theory and practice for lesbians suffering from addictive love and sex. A wonderful resource and a much needed addition to the emerging literary canon for women.

Lauren Costine uses research and field knowledge to shine a light in a problem area that desperately needs to be addressed, and her examples make the reading easily accessible for all. It's a welcome resource for professionals, lesbian love addicts, and their loved ones. She then prescribes a new way of doing that is understandable and actionable.

The Power of Our Physiology 2. The Way We Connect 3. How We Merge and Spiral 5. Big Apple Dyke News B. D News B. Based in New York and lacking a budget to send reporters cross-country, B. Nevertheless, publications targeting LGBT people or men usually could afford to put their own people on the ground. Women: finding a way to make it work since !

Issues included poems, drawings, political perspectives, book reviews, photographs, event listings, personals and business listings. On Our Backs was on the pro-sex side when it became the first-ever women-run erotica magazine. I picked up my first copy two years before it ceased publication altogether! It went way beyond homosexuality, it was really feminist sex liberation. The front-of-book section HOTLINE functioned like a lesbian craigslist — announcing recipients of grants, providing info on how to help a lesbian couple whose house recently burned down to the scoop on political and social actions, bookstore openings, publications, films, and local meet-up groups for various special interests.

Anamika Three issues of Anamika were published by its Brooklyn lesbian collective before the publication shut down. Women in South Asia could request a copy for free, and U. Efforts were made to make it as accessible as possible, with editions published in audiotapes, large print and Braille.

Anything That Moves Published quarterly by the Bay Area Bisexual Network, this non-profit publication staffed by volunteers was for bisexual men and women. Themed issues focused on topics like Sex Work, Trans-Bi relations and Families, featuring work from a variety of genres.

They stopped updating their website in Girljock: The magazine for the athletic lesbian with a political consciousness — ?