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Lesbian Romantic Ideas

Surprise her with plans. Spontaneity usually fades after being together for a while, but there are ways to bring it back. One way is to surprise your girl by taking her to dinner at her favorite place, or by going to see the movie you have both been wanting to see, or just going to the mall to window-shop.

Bonus points if you sneak away and buy her something she wants! Plan an outside day. Fresh air is good for exactly everyone. One Saturday, plan to go to the park with your dog, or go on a picnic or just go in your yard and lay in the grass or take pictures of the trees and flowers. Going to a nearby state or national park or going hiking would also be a good idea.

It is a good chance to get out of the house together for a while and do something fun out in the sun. Have a photoshoot. Whether or not you have a fancy camera is totally irrelevant to this activity. Both of you should get ready as you normally do, shower, clothes, make-up or not , and then go somewhere pretty together. Again, bonus points will be rewarded if you print these pictures and put them in a frame.

Google ideas for your home movie tent, make sure you have a few hours to build it, set up a picnic with some bubbly and your girlfriend will be totally swooned when she sees it! Stargazing picnic The only date night that could potentially beat the home movie tent, is a picnic under the stars. You may want to choose a warmer evening for this date night idea and check out the location before you go. Keeping the element of surprise always does wonders for date nights!

The best part of a stargazing picnic is just the opportunity to be together, away from the hustle and bustle of a restaurant or a bar, talk about anything you like and listen to your favourite music. Take your date to an escape room, and her sweat over finding the clues to get out on time.

Most people who go to an escape room always make it back — they just want to improve their tactic and try it again! Go with your date as a team of two and whether you win or lose, you are sure to have a great experience! Make sushi at home Everybody loves sushi! Not only that, but everybody can make sushi, which is even better!

All you need is a few ingredients, a great recipe , and a few hours to spare. In between the rolling, the wine and the eating, you will have such good fun! A tour around the world Similar to the Theme night idea, this experience will help you get to know other countries, without leaving the comfort of your home!

Pick a country from around the world, at random, and make some of their traditional food. Give it a try and you are likely to find a few of your new favourite meals. Go to a night market Looking for something unusual to do with your girlfriend? Perhaps you might even try to wake up at 4am and visit a fish market when they get all the fresh produce at dawn? Watch the sunset One of the most romantic date night ideas is simply finding the best spot in town our go for a drive to watch the sunset.