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From the moment Cristy Anne Hayes and Lisette Hayle locked eyes, both knew their lives would forever be connected. No one thought such a love could have begun in the small southern town of Green Springs.

But it did, and it was beautiful. This is the two lovers' unsung love story and the mark of a romance that would last a lifetime. Author Bonus Track: The Unsung Love Story 99 views Personal audio recording explaining what The River: The Unsung Love Story means to me, a peak into m …more [close] Personal audio recording explaining what The River: The Unsung Love Story means to me, a peak into my personal journey coming out as a Genderqueer Transgender author, and some back story to the series and the choice to keep the pen name Cristina Marrero.

Disclaimer for learning allies: My being able to talk about my deadname publicly does not give permission for people to use my deadname to address me. What do they know about this love anyway? Melissa Etheridge is the oldest famous lesbian singer on this list, so check out her lesbian songs and listen to her lesbian stories. Strangers — Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui Halsey has been open about being bi since she rose to fame in Lauren Jauregui came out as bi the following year in And to feel utterly numb about them now.

They use female pronouns instead of the usual male pronouns. Fun fact: this was the first song in which Halsey used female pronouns to address a lover. People loved her vocals on the track and wanted to hear more. This lesbian love song, accompanied by an adorable lesbian music video , is about how beautiful it is to be in love with another woman and that being gay is not a choice. Not labeling is excellent because, in that way, really anyone can relate to the messages of her songs.

A person she was only with for a casual, no strings attached, relationship. This lesbian song lasts almost a whopping 7 minutes! She still misses her and no longer enjoys doing the things that the two did together. She even asks for another chance or a last dance. Honey — Kehlani Shake is not the only one who sings about girls being like honey because Kehlani does too! On this stripped-down acoustic song released in , Kehlani sings about her adoration for her female lover.

In , Kehlani came out as a lesbian. At first, we see a female couple who look totally in love, but quickly things turn sour, and it seems like the two have broken up.

What is left is Raveena reminiscing about their lesbian love story and beautiful moments together. With her first single in , she found immediate success. Since the beginning of her career, she has been an out lesbian and is not afraid to write lesbian songs and wlw songs. Ones that use female pronouns to address lovers. It seems that lesbian songs and heartbreaks go hand in hand. She even calls herself a generation-defining artist, especially for younger girls.

She and her girlfriend are fighting over breakfast, after which her girlfriend packs her bags and walks out the door. A message of safety and nonviolence was also used in their music video. Vanilla Sundae — Emily Burns ft. Olivia Nelson Emily Burns is one to watch. For her, dating is one of the main inspirations for her lesbian songs. With Olivia Nelson, she has produced a beautiful lesbian duet about not wanting to let go of a lover.

The acoustic guitar and their soft voices give you that feeling of not wanting to leave the bed, and I think that was what they were going for. The story is about Shura and her male friend, who both think they have a connection with someone from the opposite gender. Shura also edited the music video into a trailer for a lesbian movie, and I would most definitely watch that!

Even though this lesbian song has a pretty explicit title, the rest of the song is pretty sweet. I love how explicit the title is because it gives no room for ambiguity on what King Princess means. The song then goes on about internalized biphobia and shame. By releasing the song, she wanted to fight against her internal biphobia, which is something she still struggles with herself now and then too.

This depiction of queer friendship shows that love and being physical exist romantically or intimately and in a broader sense. She says how fantastic everything about her is and mentions she would never be able to say anything. The entire song is lovely but also sad. The story is worked into her lesbian music video as well. BIG — Young M. A is an excellent example. The rapper has always felt comfortable with her orientation growing up in New York City.

We see this back in her music videos too. Women often twerk in bikinis in or near a pool, with Young M. A hanging around with her friends. In the song, the two rap about being intimate with women the same way their male counterparts are. However, the two also shine a light on the difficulties of being a lesbian.

Like You — Asiahn Asiahn uses her empowering female perspective to write her lesbian songs. We see this story played out in her lesbian music video as well. Asiahn fights with her girlfriend, after which she leaves for the club. She meets many beautiful women there and feels conflicted about what to do.