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Like Texting During A Conversation

This is also another way of showing curiosity. Tips for in-person conversations: Pull from context clues. Just as people love to talk about themselves when you give them the opportunity, "People also love compliments," Richmond notes.

Finding something to compliment, whether it be something they're wearing, or something more personal like their overall energy, can help the person soften and open up. You can combine this with tip No. Have good eye contact and body language. Body language is essential. People can easily pick up on when a conversation has run its course by the way we position our bodies, how much eye contact we're making, and our tone of voice.

Tips for texting conversations: Don't fret if they're not the best texter. Texting isn't for everyone, and it's easy to overthink short replies and delayed response time. Whoever you're texting could also be busy and not in a place where they can be totally engaged with their device. You can always ask whether it's a good time, or if they'd rather talk on the phone or meet up IRL.

Maintain a warm, open stance. Don't let your own insecurities break the connection. One downfall of texting is the chance for things to get lost in translation. Your best bet is to be direct. I'd love to hear anything you want to share! Use emoji.

OK, emoji aren't for everyone. But if you want to communicate your message clearly and directly, one way to do so is through emoji—especially if we're talking about messaging someone on a dating app. Research shows people who use emoji actually have more first dates , and it has everything to do with the way we respond to those little facial expressions when we can't actually see the visual cues from whom we're talking with otherwise.

They fill in those gaps, so give 'em a try! Specific topics and questions: 1. Their upbringing It goes without saying that our childhood shapes us into who we become in so many ways. Basic questions about where someone grew up can tell you a lot about a person and is also a good chance to find out where the two of you may share similarities or differences. Some questions to ask: Where did you grow up? What was it like? Did you like growing up there?

What do you think is the best thing about your hometown? Would you ever move back home? Or if they live there, do they want to move? Where are your favorite places in town? If you're connected with them on social media , as them to share more details about one of their more recent posts. For example, you could ask about a delicious-looking meal they posted, or ask where they were when they uploaded that sunset photo.

Maybe they meditate, listen to a podcast, or pamper their skin. Follow up with more questions about their favorite daily rituals. Don't neglect to ask about their favorite and least favorite subjects. This conversation starter for texting allows you to learn more about their work ethic and their interests in one fell swoop.

Is it cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, or something else altogether? Ask how they would spend that extra time. There's likely to be a little truth to their reply, even if their response is in jest. This text conversation starter shows that you were paying attention during a previous conversation, and allows you to share in their achievements or failures.

Go back to basics with this text conversation starter. You could reply with your favorite restaurant for that food or cuisine, and invite them to join you for a low-key lunch or more intimate dinner. Even if you don't really need their help to decide what to wear tomorrow or what to eat for dinner tonight, you're showing that you value their opinion. As long as you're cool with the potential for a snarky response, this text conversation starter is always good for a laugh.

Is it a place they've visited before, or is the destination on their travel bucket list? Reply with a few questions about what happened to result in that smiley or sad face.

How many times have they seen it? Bonus points if they provide their favorite line from the flick. Their answer may hint at their homebody tendencies, or let you know that they're more of an extrovert. Let's get together—when are you free so we can meet up?

Skip the small talk and get right to the point with this text conversation starter. After all, even the most riveting text conversation can't compete with the connections that can made during an in-person hang-out. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we keep our content accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Psychology Today. The Trouble with Texting. He might think he can just talk to you whenever he wants and ignore you at other times.

How damn convenient. He might be busy with other chats at the same time as yours, which could explain those annoying lags in conversation or the guy who keeps disappearing for a while. He fell asleep. It seems a little bit weird that someone would literally fall asleep mid-conversation unless they had narcolepsy, but it does happen. Maybe he had a long week at work and is just super exhausted.

He got bored. Ouch, I know, but it can happen. Maybe the conversation started out really interesting and he lost interest.