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Living Single Compromising Positions

Kyle and Overton quarrel after Overton retrieves a reclining chair from the street. Regine annoys her friends by ranting about what might happen if the two began dating. Scooter lands a new job and moves to New York.

Synclaire becomes involved in an online community. Synclaire receives gifts from a secret admirer. Regine and Overton fear that an elderly female neighbor is a murderer. The unemployed Max drives Overton crazy by appointing herself his apprentice and following him everywhere. Kyle tries to help Khadijah stick to a budget. Regine becomes a vegetarian and tries to force her new beliefs on her friends. Overton, Kyle and Synclaire try to spook the seemingly unflappable Max with a series of Halloween pranks.

Khadijah suffers a string of bad luck after breaking a chain letter. Overton tries to help the girls identify a persistent prank caller. The neighborhood children blame Overton when the ice cream man suffers a heart attack. Overton suffers from a severe case of insomnia. Regine tries to help Khadijah overcome her fear of public speaking for a television interview.

Meanwhile, the screenwriting success of a local video store clerk inspires Kyle and Regine to pen their own script. Khadijah, Synclaire, Max and Kyle are left stranded at home due to the storm, where Kyle tries to dodge an annoying one-night stand and Max makes a shocking announcement. Max annoys Regine by stealing a coat she had intended to donate to charity.

Kyle is taken aback when a bio in Flavor mistakenly states that he is married. The rest of the gang heads to the bowling alley, where Overton pursues a perfect game, Kyle and Max make a bet and a newly single Khadijah seeks a date. Kyle has a date with a princess doing business with his company, leaving Max jealous. Regine tags along as Max heads to a tattoo parlor. Khadijah vies with a pompous reporter from a larger publication to break a story about a boxing promoter who fixes fights.

Regine discovers that a popular doll is based on her likeness. Khadijah, in need of a cover subject for the magazine, tries to track down an old friend in the rap group Naughty by Nature. Kyle discovers a secret about an ancestor. Overton videotapes all the events as a gift for his mother. Khadijah and a distraught Synclaire look for a new roommate as Regine prepares to move out.

Max annoys Kyle by constantly trying to establish control of their relationship. Regine moves back in with the girls, but discovers that things have changed at the brownstone.

A young messenger making a delivery to Flavor also develops a crush on her. Overton and Synclaire frustrate Kyle and Max by consistently beating them at board games.

Synclaire fills the apartment with plants. Overton learns that he bears a very strong resemblance to an adult film star. Max develops an allergy. Regine tries to break a dating dry spell. Overton feels guilty after having sexy dreams about the group TLC. Regine drives away her date, but is furious when he takes a liking to Khadijah.

Max and Kyle attempt to be civil to one another for the duration of the trip. Khadijah regrets asking Max to write a column for Flavor. Kyle makes the mistake of letting Khadijah, Max and Overton invest money with him. Russell tries desperately to avoid being deported back to Jamaica.

Kyle reluctantly gives Max a gift that he purchased before their break-up. Overton confronts a hidden clown phobia. Kyle regrets sending Overton to his tailor. Khadijah hopes to jettison a boring new boyfriend, but he convinces her to counsel his jilted sister.

Regine accuses Max of writing a letter to a magazine confessing her habit of pushing men away. Overton plans to propose to Synclaire, and tries to get a hold of the perfect ring. Season Four - The Engagement 2 Overton hopes to propose to Synclaire after the man who mugged him is captured. Khadijah fears she may have to agree to a settlement that will bring Flavor to an end. Kyle tries to help Max prove that her opponent in the alderman race is corrupt.

Regine and Russell discuss their kiss. On one memorable occasion, she stood up in chemistry class to inform her teacher that she did not need to understand the subject because in a few years she would be writing for a living anyway. She failed the class, of course. Then, some 20 years later, she had to face the teacher at a reunion and admit that when she had to research DNA for a recent book she still had no clue what it was about!

Since words are meant to be read and not eaten, Beverly turned seriously to writing when she was The stars aligned for a time — she was single and her rent was astronomically low because she looked after the elderly lady who owned the building. She decided that it was now or never — and Emeralds in the Dark was born, published by Silhouette to launch the Intimate Moments line in Since then, Beverly has published 20 books with Silhouette as well as several romantic suspense and historical novels.

She prefers strong heroines with hidden soft spots and a penchant for getting themselves into trouble, figuring that she has had some experience herself in that area.