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Looking Forward To Our Date

All further information HERE We kindly ask for patience until further information is available and for your understanding! We have done all we are able to do at this time to safely keep or reschedule as many of the shows as possible in accordance with local regulations, however it has not been possible in some cities. Please visit our website to view our revised tour schedule.

Any shows that are not listed will be rescheduled to a later date, or cancelled if rescheduling is not possible. For any dates that have already been rescheduled or will be rescheduled, tickets will automatically be rolled to the new dates and no action will be required. Fans who are either unable or do not wish to attend the new dates can receive a refund from point of purchase. As always, the safety and wellbeing of our fans, band, crew and local venue staff continues to be our greatest concern.

We look forward to seeing you in February and March, and if it is not possible to come to your city on this tour, we will be back soon. The verve in the room is palpable, no one could predict that night, the epic impact the pandemic would wreak upon the world for the next year and some. The very next day the world paused and doors were closed as everyone retreated inside. The tracklisting for the EP includes favourites Ophelia, My Cell, Donna and Gloria, along with the now unfamiliar, but heart-warming sounds of crowd appreciation and an audience joining in to sing.

The vocals are mid-show raw, both poignant and joyous, the music up-tempo, yet pure low slung blues. A magical hybrid of Americana folk pop, created with accomplished composition and musical grit. Almost two years after lockdown Wesley, Jeremiah and thousands of fans around the world will emerge, blinking into the spotlights for what is going to be one monumental reunion.

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