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Lost The Love Of My Life

We are still worthy even when we are struggling. Own who you are. Faults and all. People are like diamonds. We cannot go through life, offering the one shiny side we think we have to offer. What makes a diamond beautiful is the way light penetrates through it. The way the cut of the diamond reflects that light back.

All diamonds shine, despite their flaws. We are all flawed. There is no perfection. Be real, be flawed and learn to be vulnerable. If you can do this, you will stop self-sabotaging yourself. Learn to let people in. It is about being emotionally available. This is where intimacy begins to bud. Self-sabotage is the emotional equivalent of running away and eventually, losing the love of your life. Where are you going to run?

What are you hiding? Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. The one that got away, might not be a person you were romantically involved with. You might look back and see it as a lost job opportunity. A friendship that was once gold. A one-off chance to try something new or exciting… An incredible social invitation… A chance to shine because someone saw something great in you…and you pulled out at the last minute.

Look within. Sabotaging anything for ourselves is always about our fears, anxieties, and lack of self worth clouding our view of what we are being offered. Thankfully, life has a way of giving us new opportunities to try again, and so we are able to evolve and overcome the issues that have been holding us back. If you can look within, you realize, nothing is ever truly lost. Back to losing the love of your life… if you find yourself wanting to reconnect with that special soul who has not left your heart, know this: If you are honest, kind, and open with yourself and them, they will know and appreciate this.

They will respect you for it. You can love and respect yourself for it too. It takes courage and guts to approach someone you hurt and admit that. Remember it happened because you forgot to love yourself. It happened because of self-sabotage. There is no set rule or formula that can resurrect a lost love, but there are steps you can take to create a fertile place for that love to possibly blossom once again.

Be grateful for these two beautiful things if you know you have lost a real love: Firstly, you are able to attract a loving person because you have what it takes, even if at times you failed to see that.

But you need to back up your qualities and insecurities by loving them too, or else you will always end up coming from a place of lack, or unworthiness. This is where the bond always breaks. Heal your brokenness, and the bond will no longer break. Admit your fears and flaws, because when you do, something lovable comes of them, instead of them being a barrier, they become a bridge to wholeness.

We ALL have faults and insecurities. You need to choose to not hide behind created images, bravado and a version of the truth. True love is about being able to be vulnerable. NO one can get close to you until you can be in that place with yourself. Secondly, the person you cared for, tried to love you back. You were someone they hit a brick wall with, and wise people know what to do when they hit brick walls.

They walk away. That is the gift they have given you. A time to reflect. To realize this. To acknowledge it and to work on it. This person showed you that without being on a level playing field, no one was going to score. The saddest thing with self-sabotage is it achieves nothing!

You must learn to communicate effectively in a way that your partner understands. Ask your partner how they need you to talk to them. Start there. Some people are more sensitive then others; respect that. Some read intonation of voice different then others. Some need to talk then leave and process. Some people enjoy a good argument. Others cower from confrontation. Figure this out early on if you can. It will allow you to be constructive when you communicate.

Develop Romantic Amnesia Fighting is inevitable in a relationship. But… Whatever fights you might have had? You need to lay them down and put them to sleep. Ambushing someone with what occurred in the past is not an act of love. Once something has occurred it is over. It is part of the wake you leave behind you. And you are better than that. So develop what I like to call Romantic Amnesia. Let whatever fight that has lingered… Whatever ill feelings have been gotten… Whatever travesty has befallen you — -GO.

Learn to forgive. Learn to forget. Choose acceptance over being right. From unsplash. Couples that Goal Together… One of the keys to growing closer is accomplishing things as a team. This is how humans innately bond, by doing something as a group, team or couple. Couples who set goals together, grow together. For my partner and I what really brought us closer once we got back together was setting and achieving new goals.

We set a goal to run every Sunday around the lake. Every time we finished we felt like we had achieved something together. This in turn inspired us to set more goals. After all, goals are the glue of our existence. Goals harness the winds of life and fill your sails, giving you direction to new places. Also when you share a goal together, one of you will keep the other on track.

So set goals with your partner and watch not only what you achieve in life but also in love. Stop Drop and Learn I have news for you. So forget those fluffy quotes you see on IG with clouds and puppies telling you someone was born to love you.

You have to learn to love someone. In turn they have to learn to love you. You also… Learn to listen to them. Learn how to fight with them. Learn how to make them happy. Learn their love language s. So stop waiting for someone you think was built to love you.

Learn to love someone through patience and bonding. Vulnerability Builds Compatibility Nothing is more scary then opening up to someone. But one of you will have to cross that line and take a chance. What I learned was this actually became one of the most solid ways to build compatibility with my partner.

When I opened up, she opened up. When I shared a story, she shared a story. We released fears, insecurities, doubts, stories, wants and needs. Being vulnerable is the most sincere expression of love a human being can show another. You are showing them the geography of you. If you have this with someone, celebrate it. Sex is the epitome of vulnerability. Sex should be fun and come with a side of laughter and playfulness. It develops your bond and expands your heart. As you are today, right now, you are perfect for someone.

We like to think that there is so we can deepen our sense of gratitude for the person we love, but in reality, millions of people are qualified of being our romantic partners and people we settle down with.

We just need to detach from our ex-partners and fall back in love with ourselves first to realize it. The sooner the relationship ends, the sooner you can find someone who appreciates you. How to deal with losing the love of your life? We talked a lot about finding someone you like, but that comes much later. For now, though, focus on things that need your immediate attention. Focus on healing, distracting yourself, and improving the things you need to improve.

These things will help you cope with losing the love of your life and prepare you for the single life ahead. They will also transform your life and make you as attractive as you can be. So to deal with losing the love of your life, start by surrounding yourself with friends and family. Your loved ones will support you emotionally and let you vent when you need to.

They will also distract you from the breakup and make it possible for you to focus on creating a life you deserve to live. Secondly, make sure not to stalk your ex, take revenge on your ex , or engage in conversation with your ex. So instead of reasoning with your ex and actively trying to reattract your ex back, learn about the rules of no contact and go no contact with your ex.

Here are some things to remember and do when you lose the love of your life. To deal with losing the love of your life properly, you need to understand how breakups work.

Breakups are emotional and physical separations that require a completely different strategy. A strategy that is based on respect and self-respect. You can do that simply by following the indefinite no contact rule and trying to enjoy your life as much as possible. Another thing you should consider doing is signing up for therapy.

Therapy is one of the greatest methods for expressing yourself and calming yourself down when anxiety overwhelms you.