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Love Came Down Karaoke

Nope not now, not ever. Taylor rode in on a white horse with her guitar in hand ready to school us on our happily ever after expectations. Bit of a contradiction to the Love Story she told us last time around. Patsy Cline — Crazy This timeless tune is a country song with jazzy overtones. Sam Hunt — body like a back road I would seriously recommend if you or anybody you know has a body like a back road to consult a doctor.

The back-combed fringes, guy-liner and tumblr poetry references all wrapped in a melancholy tune romanticising death. Spok might sit this one out to be fair. Bro Country from the original Country Bros. Elvis Presley — Suspicious Minds So be prepared to have this disputed if you sing this at a country karaoke night, but you can and should defend it.

Double points if you can recruit your Dad to sing with you on this country karaoke duet. Not only did this song get him the love of his life but it also catapulted his singing career into country karaoke music stardom! And Kelsea Ballerini unfortunately got her heart broke by one. A feminist anthem uniting workers with a cup of ambition by taking on issues of class exploitation, capitalism and sexual harrasment. So stick this on and stick it to the man with some country karaoke.

A tale as old as time, betrayal and heartache, except this time told from the perspective of the other woman. So when it comes to picking the best karaoke songs of all time, trust us when we say we haven't chosen lightly, oh no, we've been going full Karaokey Balboa — doing karaoke sit ups, running up and down karaoke flights of stairs with our arms spread wide and chasing karaoke chickens to trim all the songs in the known universe down to a slim, trim, Apollo-Creed-beating top !

And to help you shadow box your way through your next karaoke session like a seasoned pro, we've even broken things down in to handy categories — to paraphrase another great man with rock in his title, "What can we say except you're welcome? You can sing all of these classic karaoke songs at home with a Lucky Voice Karaoke Subscription. Trust us, no karaoke session is complete without at least one of these all time greats in the mix! An absolute masterpiece from Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody seamlessly blurs the lines between pop, rock and opera to create quite simply the best karaoke song of all time.

Sing it here! Sing all 10 of these karaoke anthems from your laptop, smartphone or tablet using our online subscription service. Top 10 Easiest Karaoke Songs Everyone knows that karaoke isn't about being a professional singer. That said, it always make you feel like royalty when you nail a tune! These 10 easy karaoke songs are sure to help you look like a genuine popstar at your next karaoke session or at very least they'll stop you from accidentally crucifying a classic!

Also, the repetition here will make it easy to stay in the same key until the end. Not much vocal range going on, so tackle it fearlessly. Luckily, it's also damn easy to sing too. You can literally talk your way through it.

We can sing it, dance to it and even shout it if we so desire. Looking for even more easy peasy karaoke songs to sing? Check out our full round up of the top 20 easiest karaoke songs. Top 10 Hardest Karaoke Songs Whether you're after the hardest karaoke challenge that music can muster or you just want to know which songs to avoid at all costs, it's always good to know what the trickiest karaoke tracks are!

Dre Even if you can actually rap, Eminem's double time will leave you twisted in knots! Is this another Adele song? Is this another amazing but ridiculously difficult to sing Adele number? Oh yes, yes it is. Her super high-pitch voice with its soft undertones is pretty much inimitable.

Looking for even more punishment? Check out our full round up of the top 20 hardest karaoke songs of all time. Top 10 Karaoke Duets Killing it at karaoke is great, but killing it at karaoke with a partner is even better! The give and take of a great duet make for brilliant shared singing experience, and these 10 duets are sure to have you vibsing with your karaoke partner on a spiritual level There isn't a huge vocal range so it doesn't take much effort to sound half decent.

Definitely one to start warming up a crowd with! Boys — give the rap your best go, it's not super fast so can be sung by karaoke beginners too. The vocals of Alicia Keys are more than a touch powerful and you'll only remember about half as many of Jay Z's rap lyrics as you think you do! Looking for even more great karaoke duets?

Check out our full round up of the top 20 karaoke duets of all time. Top 10 Kids Karaoke Songs The many physical and mental benefits of singing for kids have been proven by multiple scientific studies — check out just the top 5 here. With that in mind you want to be doing everything you can to encourage your little bundle of joy to be singing as often as possible, and there isn't an easier way of doing that than with these kids karaoke classics! A great choice for particularly young children, and also for the whole family to sing together.

The lyrics are also pretty easy to remember! Looking for even more kids karaoke inspiration? Check out our full round up of the top 20 kids karaoke songs here. While popping bottles in the club with 50 might not be entirely feasible, rapping along to his music next time you're performing karaoke most certainly is with these classic hip hop tracks! Dre verse and chorus clearly, they tend to forget how difficult the Queen Pen verse at the end is!

An absolute masterpiece, Eminem wrote and recorded Lose Yourself during the breaks between shooting scenes for his film 8 Mile using a portable recording studio he brought on to the set.