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Love Is Blind Season 1 Soundtrack

Jack watches Roscoe and smiles. She asks Jack to dance. The characters share an intimate moment together. The camera pans around Jack as he sits outside at a table.

Oscar and Roscoe arrive. He speaks with Debbie Shane Claire Armstrong. He looks around and surveys the scene. Jack speaks with a patron about Tanner Spivey Patrick Garrow and gets in a fight. A tracking shot follows his movements. The music fades as two South America baddies follow Jack. The Reacher soundtrack song plays during the end credits.

He tells Roscoe to shoot anyone who tries to come through the door. The music scores a love sequence between the two characters in a bathroom. He plays music from one of his favorite bands. The Reacher soundtrack song plays lightly in the background. Jack questions Oscar and Roscoe about the cattle purchases of Kliner Sr. Currie Graham. The complete soundtrack album is available for preorder now, on digital, CD, and, most appropriately, cassette. See the full soundtrack listing below: 1.

Sign up for Entertainment Weekly's free daily newsletter to get breaking TV news, exclusive first looks, recaps, reviews, interviews with your favorite stars, and more. Our main character, Joe Goldberg Penn Badgley is a psychotic, utterly compelling, and surprisingly-reliable narrator through an increasingly-absurd and outlandish world.

We say surprisingly-reliable because, of course, the character is insane; he's a stalker, a murderer, and probably has the potential to be just about any other -er you can think of. But like his spiritual successor, Dexter from Dexter, what Joe narrates on-screen is what happens as far as we can tell.

He's out of control, but he's not living in another reality. And that makes for a fairly unique viewing experience. Part of what helps us so shape Joe's perspective on his world are the musical cues that You so perfectly incorporates throughout its run. With song choices that always match the right situation, we get the proper glimpse into how Joe feels.

A melancholy moment? Here's the perfect song.