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Love Triangle Definition

Recognize your role in a triangle relationship In a triangle love affair, you can find yourself in different roles. Before taking any steps, take a look in the mirror and come to terms with the situation and your role in it. You could be the rivalrous person looking to become exclusive with someone, meaning you are involved with someone who is involved with someone else.

Alternatively, you could be splitting your attention between relationships with two people at the same time. Regardless of how you found yourself in this situation or the role you have, there is no judgment here. It can happen to anyone. The focus is on analyzing the situation you are in, so you can decide how to approach the resolution of the triangle relationship.

Understand the purpose of a triangle relationship in your life Before you make your mind up about staying or ending a love triangle, comprehend its purpose in your life. Each relationship we enter has a purpose, and understanding it gives you a chance to do something differently. Whether you decide to stay or leave , do so consciously. The awareness of why you choose one solution over the other can help you stay determined and decrease regrets later on.

List your alternatives There is no easy answer to how to handle a love triangle or one simple solution. Consider all the options you have as well as the potential consequences of them.

If you pick to stay, what do you expect to happen? Or, if you decide to leave, how would that turn out? List all the options and choices you have in this situation and consider each from many angles. This approach will help you clarify what lies ahead and help you prepare better. If you are to move forward, you must recognize there is no such thing as a perfect solution or advice. This way of thinking and waiting until you figure out an ideal way out of this might be keeping you stuck in a triangle relationship.

Focus on caring for yourself No one can offer a straightforward response to what to do in a love triangle. However, there is one way to deal with a triangle relationship that is sure to pay off. When you focus and take proper care of yourself , you are sure to win. Any investment in personal growth is sure to have a return on investment. One of the protagonists is attracted to another person who is not his partner, and then he is faced with a dilemma: to end the relationship and try a new one with the third person or else renounce the love of this third person for some reason.

Of course, there is another alternative path: to maintain a parallel relationship with the initial love and the new love.

This scheme is the most common, but it is not the only one. It should be noted that couples often make a pact of a more open relationship and allow the other to have a relationship with a third party. Triangular relationships are associated with complex feelings such as guilt, betrayal or deceit. The love triangle is older than the geometry triangles themselves From a historical point of view, the geometry known to this day began with Euclid, in the 3rd century BC On the other hand, the love triangle does not have a precise date, as it is a reality as old as humanity itself.

The character Penelope is also in a triangular conflict , as she awaits the arrival of her husband and at the same time finds herself wanted by other men who love her.