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Need Apache logs? They're right there. Even better, they are searchable using a good but not great interface. So if you have a handful of tasks running, you can search across all of them in one go and find the misbehaving one much more easily than SSH'ing into 6 instances trying to locate the culprit.

Extra bonus: with just a teeny bit of coding on your end you can actually have your application log items to CW directly. Use Lambda to monitor it, and push that to Slack, and you've got custom monitoring, built into your AWS stacks. CW is critical to doing AWS right. If you have a line of output from a log, for instance, and you want to see where that line of output came from, and you do not know which log group it's from, you are out of luck.

You can only search inside a log or log group, which means you have to know where the output came from to start with, but that might be exactly the issue you're trying to figure out in the first place: where is this output coming from. Darian P. Seasonal flavors are fun. Patrick Dugan Septiembre 3, Samples for days! Be sure to check out the Espresso flavored chocolate. The dark cherry almond bars are another one of my favorites.

AtlantaFoodie Octubre 12, The shop sells more perishable items like truffles and chocolate bark. Do the factory tour too if you have the time. Fernanda Bonnin Abril 8, Great tour, the guy giving it was fun and patient, and they give samplings of their delicious chocolate.

Ro J Septiembre 15, Love their ghost pepper dark chocolate. Also get their fig and fennel dark chocolate. Shaya Lyon Septiembre 6, You can taste most of the chocolate bars in the shop, so you know what you're getting when you buy! Really fun. Seriously ppl. The nabe is awesome walking too.

The public park is suitable for all ages and includes basketball and dodgeball courts, a playground, and the Waterworks installation, a fountain with a reflecting pool that you can wade in. To know more about the area, I recommend booking this 3-hour Capitol Hill tour that will take you to the most important places in the neighborhood before ending with a drink at a local tavern.

The name reflects the settlers who came to Seattle in the s when the neighborhood was the city center. Today, Pioneer Square is a district full of galleries, shops, cafes, and bars, a place you could explore all day without getting bored. Many of the historic buildings here reflect Romanesque architecture with decorative pillars and arches.

As a downtown artistic hub, Pioneer Square has some of the most interesting things to see in Seattle. In , Washingtonians stole the totem pole from the Tlingit tribe in Alaska.

Vandals badly damaged the totem pole in , but Tlingit craftsmen reproduced it and allowed it to remain in Pioneer Square. The ornate Iron Pergola was built not long afterward.

The coffee chain was founded in Seattle in , and today the Starbucks Reserve Seattle Roastery and Tasting Room is a hotspot for coffee aficionados. The roastery is in Capitol Hill, just blocks from the original Starbucks location. Start at the main bar and sample the roastery menu before looking at the machinery and design behind your favorite drink.

At the end of the tour, stop by the scooping bar and pick up a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans to take home. This is one of the Seattle activities that will have you buzzing! You can also check out the overhead observation area of the Boeing factory to see how the aircraft is made. The center is 30 minutes north of Seattle, but if you book this tour in advance , transportation is included.

If you enjoy the Future of Flight experience, then you should check out the Museum of Flight in south Seattle. Be sure to take the time to explore the Red Barn the original Boeing manufacturing plant and the aircraft restoration facility.

Air Force planes. You can purchase skip-the-line admission to make the most of your time there. Say hi to the Fremont Troll, something you must do in Seattle, WA As a child, you may have heard stories about trolls living under bridges.

Well, there is a troll under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle! The Fremont Troll was a collaboration between four local artists and was inspired by the Norwegian folktale of Three Billy Goats Gruff. This sculpture came to be when the Fremont Arts Council held an art competition in to renovate the area under the Aurora Bridge, which had fallen into disrepair. The troll is 18 feet tall and made of thousands of pounds of steel and concrete.

This sustainable green space provides open seating areas and lawns lined with plants where you can enjoy a picnic or quiet break. A few feet away is a community garden as well as walkways to other parts of the Fremont neighborhood.

This acre traditional Japanese garden is open daily and provides a picture-perfect respite from the busy downtown district. His influence is widely reflected throughout the garden, which I think is one of the best attractions in Seattle. For instance, Kubota Terrace is an area with open lawns and summer plants.

The verdant greens come to life in the warmer months and invite you to sit, relax, and look out over the koi-filled pond. The Bamboo Grove is a serene forest of tall bamboo shoots where you can see the sunlight peeking through. Not far is the Necklace of Ponds and the Moon Bridge, which are surrounded by lush shrubs, perennials, and mini waterfalls.

The Mountainside section overlooks the surrounding natural areas outside the park and the Tom Kubota Stroll Garden, a Zen rock garden area. If you want some quiet time with your special someone, this is one of the top things to do in Seattle. Seattle Harbor Cruise at Puget Sound, one of the best things to do in Seattle Taking a harbor cruise is one of the most popular things to do in Seattle with kids.

If you have more time, there are other interesting spots to explore in Puget Sound, but you will need to take a ride on one of the Washington State Ferries. There are 20 terminals around Puget Sound. From this dock, you can set off for Bainbridge Island or Bremerton, two popular places to visit near Seattle.

Seattle Harbor Cruise at Puget Sound, one of the best things to do in Seattle Bainbridge Island is full of recreation, sports, and dining spots. You can also hire this sightseeing tour if you want to know more about Bainbridge Island. The city also has some unique attractions like a disc golf course and a puppet museum.

Other things to do around Seattle are camping and kayaking at Blake Island Marine State Park, seeing the expansive Deception Pass strait, or spending some time basking in nature on Whidbey Island. This northern wetland beach has a short loop trail, picnic areas, and great birdwatching opportunities with the Puget Sound in the background. The entire Chinatown district is a hotspot in Seattle for cultural events, delicious food, and public art.

I also suggest visiting the Wing Luke Museum, which is the only community-based museum dedicated to Asian Pacific American culture in the U. The streets are filled with colorful performances and costumes, savory aromas from food vendors, laughing children, and all kinds of activities. Even outside of these events, Chinatown is well worth a visit. A popular tourist spot is Kobe Terrace, a small public park with a community garden and scenic sitting areas.

Hing Hay Park is near the entrance gate and has a cute pavilion where you can sit or enjoy a community game of chess or checkers. When you get hungry, you can treat your tastebuds to a delectable meal of Vietnamese pho, Korean barbecue, or Chinese dim sum. Or stop by Uwajimaya Asian Grocery and pick up some goodies for the road. The collection includes photographs, artwork, historical pieces, and a diverse range of exhibits. Discovery Park, something you must see in Seattle Located on the shores of Puget Sound in northwestern Seattle, Discovery Park is the largest public park in the city and a beautiful place to see in Seattle.

Here, you can also take the Discovery Loop Trail, which is about three miles roundtrip. There are other walking trails throughout the park.

Many agree that the park is the best in Seattle for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. According to the Seattle Audubon Society, there are over bird species in the park. During the winter, you may see bald eagles and spotted owls. People have even spotted cougars, coyotes, and black bears in the park.

Army post. The Fort Lawton chapel, homes, and Guard House are historical landmarks you might find interesting. The West Point Lighthouse sits at the westernmost tip of the park. The foot lighthouse has been active since and is a prominent beacon for boaters along the shoreline. The entire area offers several free things to do in Seattle, as well as something to do off the beaten path.

This magical coniferous forest boasts three backcountry lakes, three majestic waterfalls, and a dozen miles of hiking trails. There are also bicycle paths if you bring your bike. The lush greens of this area pop against the rushing waters and blue sky.

It truly feels like something out of a storybook. Wallace Falls Park, one of the most beautiful places to go in Seattle, Washington Take the Woody Trail and get an early start to experience the pure bliss of a quiet morning in the forest.

The Lower Wallace Falls cascades from an elevation of feet and has five tiers.