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Shrimp When Lucy's career takes off, Josh fears being left behind. Popcorn Lucy is horrified when Josh befriends her parents. Horse Lucy tries to make a connection with Josh's best friend Mike. Ranch Lucy meets Josh's mother and Josh helps prepare her for the encounter.

Futon Josh and Lucy fall in love but struggle with their living situation. Description This often surreal comedy is based on a book of short stories and has been created to allow the main protagonist, Josh Greenberg to embark on a series of adventures as he searches for the perfect woman. Single Josh must navigate the problem of dating in the 21st century, which includes a date with a troll and time traveling adventures as he searches for a girlfriend.

There are a couple of other online streaming options which may help you retain your dignity. However, it comes as no surprise especially since the service has lost support from many networks including FX. Alternatively, you can stream via Hulu! Yes, we checked and double checked Hulu has the entire first season as of this writing, and so we can safely assure you that future episodes will also be available for streaming.

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