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Mature English Women

So, I want to make it as clear as possible. They might also like classical music, wine, things like that. Smart clothes. So, people who are elegant are often mature or older. And I guess a lot of the time, elegant people are rich. They have a lot of money. An example of neoclassical architecture. So, neo-classical architecture is a style of architecture from the mid-eighteenth century.

Basically, it means buildings that have lots of columns. They are usually white or grey. They are buildings that are copying the style of old Roman and Greek buildings. A modern hippie Also, hippies are mentioned. The hippies were a movement from the nineteen-sixties.

They had a very specific fashion and also style of music. The Beatles were big hippies. They often sang about love. And The Beatles were very popular among hippies. They were hippy icons. Finally, I will talk a bit about the theme of the story.

So this story is about lying. Apparently, on average, we tell one-point-six-five 1. So around two lies a day.

But I thought it was interesting. I try not to lie as much. When I was a teenager, I lied a lot. I usually lied because I was embarrassed. So, listen and enjoy! One day, on her way to work, Silna saw an advertisement. Drink Less, Live Longer The advertisement hit her like a baseball bat. She drank a lot. And she looked much older than she was. She wanted to say that the sign was wrong. She could drink as much as she wanted!

Behind the letters, there were pictures of people laughing. They looked young and happy. Their faces were soft. Their teeth were perfectly white.

Silna hated them. She felt sick from hating them so much. As she walked to work, she kept thinking about those laughing faces. She carried the hate on her back, and it got bigger and bigger. Silna was a teacher. When she arrived in class, she looked very angry. Maybe you should lie down. Her hair was wild, her lips were pushed together, and her eyes were on fire.

It was the look of a monster! He stopped talking immediately. Silna shouted for the students to get their books out, and they began. In fact, they drank wine every day! Silna shouted so much that she gave herself a headache. So she went home and lay down on the sofa. Then, she had an idea. She would lie about her age. She would say that she was older than she really was. Every time someone asked her age, and she told them the truth, they clearly wanted to laugh.

They never did laugh, but she could always see that they wanted to. She looked far older than she was. Like a monster. But if she started lying… When people found out her age, it would be a pleasant surprise! How pretty you look! I thought you were far younger than that. Well, now she really would live in another age!

She wanted to try her plan immediately. But how could she do that? At work everyone knew her too well. She could move to another city, but that would take too much time. She had to go somewhere. Somewhere where nobody would know her.

In fact, there was a concert that night, by a famous piano-player. She had seen a poster about it. But wait. She is too clever for that. She chooses something pretty, but also comfortable. So she chose a simple black dress.

Then she went to the bathroom to put on makeup. She took out a bright red lipstick. Afterwards, she stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Now she really did see a beautiful, mature woman, with simple clothes and makeup. And she had saved so much time! She had a light supper, because a mature, elegant woman knows not to eat too much. She had a glass of wine with her supper, because even mature, elegant women drink.

Then she drove in her car to the concert hall. In the concert hall there were lots of people. Silna looked around. She saw a group of women who were talking about culture. Yes, perfect. I love neoclassical architecture. That was amazing. Silna had to find another way to talk about her age. I loved going to concerts when I was a student.

Silna thought she was trying to guess her age. She smiled. I studied in the United Kingdom, at Cambridge. I graduated in It was true. During her marriage to Bob she rarely had orgasms and her recent participation at a lingerie party with girlfriends, together with the rabbit vibrator that ensued, revealed her hidden desire to sleep with a Black Adonis. Before long her brief encounter with Joshua has her fantasizing about having him inside her.

Aside from his ever depressing financial predicament, coupled with the lack of a secure residence, he must soon come to the realization that physical intimacy is more often than not far removed from emotional intimacy. Whether it is Susan, the young blond assistant in the French corner grocery store, or the mature and married store owner Laura, with her sexy green eyes and red hair, Englishwoman are reticent to be seen with young black men, let alone be intimate with them.

Even the forthright prostitute with whom he endeavors to lose his virginity, would appreciate it if he uses the discreet exit, to ensure no one sees him in her company. Yet after exploits as a male gigolo for an upmarket white courtesan, a brief dalliance with a drug affected lover and several violent encounters with disparaging young white males of similar age, Joshua begins to awaken his own sexual awareness.