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Mountain Men Soundtrack

It opens with a long shot of a construction camp in the evening and cuts to a staged scene in a crowded recreational hut where the workers, all men, led by a man with a guitar, sing the song. The men are also shown drinking beer, playing cards, darts and draughts.

As the song fades, the clip cuts to a sequence that shows men in safety helmets and overalls entering a tunnel under excavation. This sequence is accompanied by orchestral music and the title of the film, Where Men and Mountains Meet , appears on the screen.

Built between and , the Scheme was the largest single engineering project undertaken in Australia and required a massive workforce. It consists of 16 large dams, 7 power stations, a pumping station, km of tunnels and 80 km of aqueducts that diverted water from the Snowy Mountains for use in power generation and irrigation.

The Scheme employed men of different nationalities, as suggested in this clip. A labour force of more than ,, representing 32 nationalities, worked on the Scheme over a year period. Seventy per cent of these workers were either migrants or temporary residents from the USA or northern Europe. The excerpt portrays friendship between workers as a positive feature of work on the Scheme.

This was despite the fact that many European workers found themselves working and living alongside former Second World War enemies. The isolation of the camps meant that workers and their families though no women are depicted here often joined together to make their own entertainment.

Classes were offered in the first 6 months of employment and were aimed at integrating migrants, but also as a safety measure, so that all workers could understand warning signs and effectively communicate on site.

Employment contracts for non-English speaking workers included a clause stating that workers who did not attain a satisfactory standard of English in this period could be dismissed. A hundred camps were established throughout the Snowy Mountains during construction of the Scheme, and accommodation consisted of either canvas tents or prefabricated huts.

Although the huts shown here have electricity, Scheme huts often had no floor coverings, little heating, and no running hot water. The camps had a recreational hut such as that depicted in this clip. While the song says that these places were unsuitable for women, many wives and children lived at the camps. Tunnellers had the most dangerous job on the Scheme, working hundreds of metres below ground in cold, damp and cramped conditions. Phil McGowan has been the show's score mixer since season one, Gabe Hilfer is the music supervisor, and Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans are the composers of the series.

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