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As mentioned earlier, I was rather lucky as my ex-boyfriend could speak fluent English. Yet most of the time, we communicated in Korean.

There was no specific reason behind the choice of language, but it was the best of both worlds. Interestingly, he would argue back in English too. Soon enough, I found myself adapting to the Korean dating culture as well. To me, it was an eye-opener because it seemed as though society in Korea really placed an emphasis on being in a relationship.

Perhaps because of such societal pressure, I noticed many Koreans getting attached as quickly as they would break up. On top of being a couple, we even downloaded a couple-exclusive app, Between, which is another common occurrence among couples in Korea. It lets you create special albums and note down some of the precious memories made with your other half. Since we were only in our early twenties, there was no pressure about us getting married.

Us being tourists at Gardens By The Bay On the contrary, he stayed with my family when he came to visit me in Singapore during the school holidays. Initially, he was surprised that my parents were cool with him staying at my house and even wondered if it was alright to do so. That was when it hit me that there were definitely some slight cultural differences between us. That never occurred to me before, since I spent the majority of the relationship with him in Korea.

Now that he entered the environment that I grew up in, signs that we were actually two different people began to become clear. Why we broke up Visiting my ex-boyfriend when he was in the military As I began to realise our differences, another calling I had no control over threw our relationship a curveball: the military. The news of him having to serve his mandatory military service in the air force left me feeling understandably sad.

And to make matters worse, he voiced intentions about breaking up with me as he heard many of his friends breaking up with their girlfriends before they entered the army. I was stunned by the reason and thought it was ridiculous. Talk about peer pressure. I told him that I was really fine with waiting for him and we continued dating.

For the next 6 months, I visited him about once every 2 weeks and was excited every time he booked out. In between the visits, I wrote him letters telling him how much I missed him and even made a video of us touring Singapore. Yet soon enough, I noticed how I was the only one putting in the effort to maintain the relationship. He began to lose interest and I tried everything I could to fight for the relationship. He apologised and mentioned that he would try to improve too. For a moment, I thought things were getting better but it was just false hope.

The worst part? Any resolution had to be in the form of text messages since we were physically apart. In the end, I initiated the break up, concluding our 1.

He did not even try to win me back and agreed with the decision. It felt as if he was waiting for me to end things and it made me wonder if I should have ripped the bandaid off way earlier. It was only a year after when we saw each other again during a dance team gathering, that I was finally offered some peace.

During that time, he asked to speak to me privately and apologised for how he treated me. While the apology was too little too late, it finally gave me closure to move on. I guess when it comes to dating someone from another country, the best thing you can do is make each other feel at home.

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Know him more before you decide to go anywhere. Good luck!