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Never Lower Your Standards For A Man

Lowering your standards just to get faster somewhere is not a solution because you will reach a different destination and achieve different results. This way, you only get the opposite of what you want.

He loved traveling and believed that higher earnings would allow him to travel more, so that he could do what was his greatest passion. People around him often told him that he could be happy with how much he was earning and compared him to a dreamy child rather than an adult with ambition and vision. He left his standards as they were before, and over time he began to meet people on the same vibration wave living by the same standards and started earning his desired amount of money.

Lowering your standards is not really the solution. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like, and acting as if it already happened is a great tool to achieve your goal. You need to do the work ahead of time. If you can do the work ahead of time, just think how much easier your life is going to be. You need to cut yourself some slack.

The truth? You are picky. So cut yourself some slack and remember that being picky is better than dating just anyone… or being treated like total crap. At the end of the day, you control who you are. Perhaps wiping the kitchen counter and taking out the trash every day is too much to ask. After all, last year you only read about a book a month. You can work on it.

Your sex life will only get better with practice, right? Even though he refuses to do that one thing you like — which is not even a kink — and basically only wants you in that one position that works for him.