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Pick Up Lines For Rachel

Rachel Carruthers : Oh, really? Well, I'll just let you get back to little Miss Hot Panties. Kelly Meeker : I didn't know you and Brady had anything, okay? Rachel Carruthers : You knew. You just didn't care. Kelly Meeker : He's not married. Besides, I've got a right to do what's best for me. Rachel Carruthers : Don't you mean what you do best? Kelly Meeker : Wise up to what men want, Rachel Rachel Carruthers : We have to get out of Haddonfield.

The state police are on their way. Let them handle it. Unger : I don't know about you, Earl, but that makes sense to me. Let's get the hell out! Big Al : We've got a police station.

Let the troopers have him. That's what they get paid for. Earl : Screw it. Let's get out of here. Darlene Carruthers : You'll have to watch Jamie tonight. Rachel Carruthers : Not tonight.

Swipe right on an Emma? We got you covered. What about a Liv? The possibilities are endless. Here is a roundup of the best opening lines that are guaranteed to work And some you should never repeat.

Article continues below advertisement 1. Amazon really is taking over the world. So to all the dudes that are lookin to get with me just go with me here, okay?

Love that picture of your dog that you posted on Facebook. You wanna go to KidZone and hit up the batting cages, eat nachos and people-watch for a few hours? You wanna have a Kill Bill marathon and eat our weight in popcorn while wearing sweats on my Love Sac? By the way, cool bangs. You wanna have a barbecue where I invite all of my friends and you invite all of your friends.

Whoa, do you do your own nail art? You wanna come over and help me plan an elaborate prank to play on my roommate and then we will go to The Olive Garden? Your blog is hilarious. Weird question.