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How do I make my match profile unavailable? What does Profile unavailable mean? If a user has blocked you, or if you have blocked them, you will not be able to see their profile. Why do profiles go hidden on match? Can you go incognito on match? How do I make my profile unavailable on Facebook? What does hidden profile mean on match? What is private mode on match?

How much does private mode cost on match? Private Mode: Maintain a private presence without appearing in search results on Match. You can help ascertain whether the problem is with their profile alone by trying to look at other friends' profiles as well. This process does not usually take long, so check back in a few hours to see if it works again. Temporary Error Facebook may experience the occasional error that causes profiles not to load correctly.

If it is affecting your profile, you may not be able to log in. If it is affecting someone else, you may not be able to see their profile, and they may not show up on your Friends list either.

Most of these errors won't affect all users simultaneously; if other profiles are still working, this does not discount the possibility of a server problem. If such an error is causing the issue, it should resolve itself within a few hours. No, you are not!! If someone is disinterested in you or you are not their choice, they can remove your profile from their search list.

On the other hand, they cannot make their Match Profile Unavailable. Their profile will always be visible to you, no matter what.

No, you cannot e-mail them. If they have arranged their profile settings in a way that blocks your contact, then you will fail to connect with them via mail.

Nobody can remove your account from the platform. Sudden account removals only take place due to security reasons. If the site detects some kind of security violations, it holds the power to remove your account.

There are well-established factors that define a fake account.