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Really Love Soundtrack List

His first words to Natalie express his disbelief over their apparent romantic relationship. Pumped by the music, Natalie successfully reaches the top. After leaving the party, Josh arrives at their house. There, he sees that Natalie has left a letter urging him to follow his passion for candle-making. The song is also heard as the credits roll. Rlly, rlly great. Featuring 33 of the Beatles' songs, a lot of them are sung by the stars including Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood—who nails it, btw, in case you're wondering and then there are some singing cameos from Eddie Izzard, Salma Hayek, and Joe Cocker.

Oh, and Bono, NBD. Also this is like dying and going to rock heaven, where Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Kenny Rogers, and a bunch of other amazing artists perform for you over and over again.

Even if it's been years since you watched this, the soundtrack's about to become your BFF. Not only does Samuel L. Jackson give us voiceover as a radio DJ, but each of the songs is a different shade on the themes of racism, intolerance, hate—and love. The late Elliott Smith contributes a beeyootiful whispery mood to some of the more emotional moments of the film when Minnie Driver's Skylar gets on a plane, when Robin Williams' Sean reads the note from Will to make you wanna cry for the 50th time.

But for the purposes of the soundtrack, just know that Scott Michael Cera is a member of Sex Bob-Omb and their music was written by Beck. Oh and they participate in a Battle of the Bands that has great indie rock music, plus a bunch of fighting. Yes, that song was written for this movie and they performed it on the Academy Awards stage! Also, Terrence Howard gives some surprisingly good rap performances as his character, rapper Djay, plus a lot of other good music on top of that.

Or, if you'd like to capture that aimless, joyful, rebellious experience, just put on this soundtrack. Stoner Matthew McConaughey not included, sadly. And that's a huge part of the reason fans remember and still love it—I dare you to listen to "Stand Out" and "I2I" like eye to eye, get it??

Simon and Garfunkel! The Beach Boys! Elton John! David Bowie! An actual new song for the fictional band to sing! This soundtrack won a Grammy, and with good reason. Natalie arrives for work at Soash Media. She exchanges intimate texts with Josh, complete with heart emojis. The music drops during a Lake Placid Airport scene. The characters acknowledge the impressive Christmas lighting. The Love Hard soundtrack song kicks in during a slo-mo sequence. He also explains that Tag likes women who enjoy the outdoors.

The song fades to the background during a scene at the Lin family store. Bob welcomes Tag as Natalie reads a book. The protagonists react as the Love Hard soundtrack song plays.