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Relationship At A Stand Still

I think it would be hard to see him more then I currently do, we spend pretty much every evening together, and the weekends.

I I would like to try living with him, but I feel that he is comfortable in his current place and it would take a lot for him to consider moving, and he has stated that he feels his place is too small for the both of us together.

To them he hurt me in the past and that's all there is. My father is the bigger problem of the two, he is extremely stubborn and a bit controlling. I don't even know how to approach a conversation with my father anymore on the topic or that I will be able to get through to him in some way.

My mom said she doesn't see my dad changing his mind at all either. I invited him into my bed and imagined creating a home with him. I watched couples kiss on my TV screen and would blush thinking of him. I was changing. Occasionally, if this change felt like it was moving too quickly, I would panic. Surely I had a reason to avoid commitment. Could I completely change the way that I had seen relationships and marriage? At every step, Dan was there to reassure me.

We made each other happy and were committed to continue to do so. It would all be okay. I had always been worried that love would burn out.

No one could keep a steady level of passion forever. It filled me with hope. My views on marriage and commitment were morphing, all because of him. I never wanted to get married because I had never wanted to marry anyone else.

But one day, during the most mundane of make-out sessions, he asked me. And I said yes. The logical brain that had led me to disown marriage so many years ago panicked.

Would everything change now? Would our relationship have to become more serious somehow? How does an engagement affect anything? Like so many other times before, Dan assured me. Nothing had to change. We were the same couple as before. We were just saying that we loved each other in a new way.

In the meantime, though, we proposed to each other over and over again. In fact, we still do. I knew that he would say yes, but he is special. And I wanted my proposal to him to be special. I remember the day that he said yes being a perfect day.

Time has never stood still for us.