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I am into eastern philosophies which balance out my more active side, extreme sports blading, surfing, skydiving etc. I am looking for someone who can laugh at life, doesn't take it tooo seriously. I have a great sence of humour and am looking for a male friends to share some fun times with Well here goes - all I have a good sense of humour as if you can't laugh what's the point though not everyone understands it as it can be a bit weird. I enjoy all sorts of dancing whether it be on a night out or going to classes and I try to go a couple of times a week.

I'm also a bit of a lovey in the respect that I enjoy the theatre and amateur dramatics. Recently started horse riding too. I enjoy all the usual stuff, cinema, music, reading and certainly eating out and a bottle of I am fairly confident but also a little shy at times too.

I love to have fun and like both nights in and out. I love theartre, socialising and taking care of those most important me. Am just getting into watching rugby too - have been a footie lover for years but rugby has real men!!!

I have developed a crush on Joe Worsley I also l I'm honest honestly! Sarcastic, playful, passionate, romantic. Happy in a room full of people, or snuggled up in front of an open fire. Here is a chance to get to know me, as I say hello to the community! With my job as a Music Director, I was given many new singles and albums from smaller artists around the world, and I was able to listen to their music and then send out my favorites to our thirty other DJs!

I am what you call a music fanatic, so this career and this wonderful opportunity at Kat Kountry seemed quite fitting! Photo of me and my friends. You can find me either reading a thriller novel, binging the latest shows on Netflix, spending time with friends, listening to new music or music from my favorite artists, or attending a concert!