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Romantic Date Night Tulsa

They offer a variety of tasty dishes on Brookside in Tulsa. They have a wonderful seating area inside and out. They also have a delicious brunch. You can find more info on their official website here. They have an impressive selection of original cocktails, wine and food. The ambiance is romantic complete with low lighting and comfortable seating. You can find more info on their official site here. This restaurant is very romantic and on the fancier side of the spectrum.

The food here is cooked over an open flame and quite delicious. The seating and environment is amazing as well. Here you can enjoy a candlelit dinner, a delicious menu selection, I had the Chilean Sea Bass and it was amazing , and they also frequently have live music. You can find more info and book a reservation on their official site here. Many more places getting added to the list as you read this.

The restaurant also has great knowledgeable staff and a great selection of drinks. Be sure to bookmark and check back to see all the updates and comment below your favorite Tulsa area Romantic restaurant for us to add. On any given evening, you may find a concert, art crawl, fitness event, movie night, or fun festival. It is a perfect place to enjoy a nice stroll while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere created by the river. After you work up an appetite, enjoy one of the many restaurants with patios overlooking the river to complete the perfect date night.

But did you know we have our fair share of food trucks as well?! Choose one or several food trucks to try. Some of our favorites include Dope Soul, Barbeque, and Mr. Nice Guys. You can find a complete list of the top 10 Tulsa food trucks here. With so many Tulsa coffee shops to choose from, how do you find your favorite? We suggest a coffee crawl! At the end of the date, give each of the coffee shops your official rating to find the java that truly reigns supreme.

Not sure where to start? Here is our list of some of the best coffee shops in Tulsa. Explore Chandler Park Some of the best date nights are the ones that feel as if you have traveled to another location.

In many ways, Chandler Park creates this very feeling! Located across the river from Downtown Tulsa, Chandler Park features a unique landscape full of natural rock formations. Pack a hammock, a picnic lunch, and your favorite book for a relaxing date night that neither of you will soon forget. This unique stop offers many unique dining options as well as opportunities for exploration. Choose a few small treats to try from various restaurants and enjoy an exciting meal on the beautifully lit patio.

Plan a Tulsa Staycation If you are longing for adventure but needing to stay local, a Tulsa staycation could be a perfect solution! Pack an overnight bag and head to one of the many beautiful hotels located in Downtown Tulsa. Most hotels offer discounted rates during weekdays if you are looking to plan a date night on a budget. Order carryout or enjoy a meal at one of the many surrounding restaurants. With an ever-expanding plot of beautiful gardens, each visit to the gardens is unique.

Take a stroll around the Lakeside Promenade, a three-quarter-mile path that circles the gardens 7-acre lake.

In addition to the everyday beauty that can be found throughout the gardens, they hold many unique events including Star Night, an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the night sky with your sweetheart.