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Ruining A Friendship By Hooking Up

No way around that. Like the grunts he makes or the size of his Or multiple ones. If there's no chemistry: You try it. It sucks. You never look at your friend the same way again. All you can think about is how quickly you wanted it to be over so you can get dressed.. Feelings might change: He may want to make you his girl. Or you might fantasize about him becoming your boyfriend. Chances are, this will happen for one or the other but not for both. Once you do it: It's hard to go back to being just friends.

Therefore, having sex with your friend may cause heartbreak in the long run, especially if either individual is likely to fall for the other. Also if it's just sex, then you may land up hurt that your friend does not care about your feelings--something that leads to further conflict. One's approach matters here, and determines the future.

Sleeping with a bff can leave you disillusioned at some point, wondering where the relationship is headed. Check-in occasionally about your feelings, but keep things light-hearted by enjoying your physical connection. When you hook-up, avoid talking about anything too serious.

If you need to talk to someone, try taking it to a family member or another friend. If you depend on your hook-up friend for everything, you risk making this a more serious relationship. It can be easy to get caught up in the fun physical part of hooking up, but make sure to prioritize your friendship. It's likely that you'll stop hooking up at some point, but if you work at it, there's no reason you can't continue being friends. Keep doing things as friends that don't involve getting physical so that you remember the true foundation of your relationship.

Maybe you've met someone or maybe the fun has just run its course. Whatever the reason, have a talk with your friend and tell them that you want to be just friends again.