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Sapphic Love Videos

Here are just a few of our favorite love stories from a Sapphic planet. Williams III returned Batwoman to comics continuity as Kate Kane, an out and proud gay woman, reshaping a character introduced purely to reaffirm heteronormativity into a champion for queer representation. In DC Comics: Bombshells, Bennett puts the reclaimed Batwoman at the front and center of her historical drama as the closest thing to a protagonist the ensemble comic has.

Here, Batwoman struggles with conflicted emotions regarding the flame of her past, Spanish revolutionary Renee Montoya, and her current girlfriend, GCPD detective Maggie Sawyer, both respectively reflecting her pre-Flashpoint and New 52 love interests. Bennett defies that notion. In this reinterpretation, Bombshells proposes a radical idea: why not cut out the middleman?

And from the moment they met, it was love at first sight. Together, this power couple fought against the third Reich from the beating heart of Africa, encouraged onward by the beats of their own. They even pull off the greatest heist against Adolf Hitler of all time: stealing and adopting his dog. But when the chips are down, both prove powerful field assets in their own right. In Bombshells, even the scientists and security officers see action…in all senses of the term. Of course it is, they literally say girl every third or fourth word in the song.

This song is full of yearning, which means it has to be sapphic. Professing your eternal love to someone who has literally never expressed romantic interest?

Must be sapphic. This article you just read wouldn't be possible without support from readers like you. We keep Autostraddle majority free-to-read, but it isn't free to create! Its games are all about girls falling in love, and they rule. She decides to help this stranger out, and from there they become friends and eventually fall in love. Highway Blossoms is so soft and sweet, its narrative outfitted with minimal stakes as it hopes to take us on a journey that is equally warm and mysterious. The cast is small, allowing the writers to develop all of them with appropriate nuance and just the right amount of attention.

Maddie and Tara are two best friends who manage a paranormal side hustle obsessed with uncovering ghosts, aliens, and all manner of occult happenings. One case has them travelling to a remote German village hiding unknown secrets. With the show set to conclude after this escapade, the trip is seen as an opportunity to spend a few days together as friends and perhaps emerge as something more.