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Send Her My Love Meaning

Holly Lasha 17 Mar Reply Journey is one of my all time favorite bands. This is such a great song too! Thanks for sharing! Love this aisasami 19 Mar Reply What is your favorite Journey song? But oh that Steve Perry voice. Thanks for stopping by! I actually have tickets to see them in concert in May. Holly Giordani 17 Mar Reply Awesome post and great taste in music!

What a great breakdown! Stephanie 17 Mar Reply You are so right, Journey is a group that tends to span generations. My parents and I both really enjoy their music. And I love how they wrote their songs spot on too.

What are your favorite Journey songs? I think that I still love my First Love, but since he is already married, I just respected that and moved on with my life now. I never heard of First Love but I will check it out that you mentioned it. I will have to add them to my 80s playlist aisasami 19 Mar Reply Glad you going to listen to them. Thanks for enlightening me about them. Looks like I need to hear to their music now. I can say that the lyrics of this song is beautiful and meaningful, now I let myself listen to it.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Did you like the song? Sending you lots of big hugs! Let me know what you think of the song after listening to it!

Such a great addition to a gloomy day! Thank you! Thank you for sharing this. It made me appreciate the song, Send Her My Love more. Glad you enjoyed it! Caitlin Jecklin 18 Mar Reply The 80s is the perfect era for a rock love letter! Thanks for sharing, you brightened our mood. Recording of the album took place at the Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California. Stone and K. It was released through Columbia Records, an American record label.

The album peaked at No. It was also very successful in Canada. Thus far, the album has gone 6x platinum in the United States and platinum in Canada.