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She Sang Constant Craving

The shift to pure country was a critical success, and lang won another Grammy for the album Absolute Torch and Twang. And it gave lang her biggest hit ever. A Wonderful World paired her with Tony Bennett for an album of pop standards. Bennett would record a similar album with another unlikely partner in , when he and Lady Gaga released Cheek to Cheek.

On her own, lang recorded two more albums of cover songs. In , lang was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. A look at the k. Admittedly, many of the ten songs on this list are from her early days, but we did try to mix things up a bit — including a Leonard Cohen cover that will bring you to your knees. The song, which kicked off the disc, was the perfect intro for what became a gold-selling disc. Her vocal is so effective, moody, and haunting on the track, which you can imagine playing on a small radio station in the middle of nowhere along a deserted road at night.

Truly, this song sparked the imagination in a way that few artists have done before or since. In addition to her own album, this song was featured on the Friends soundtrack from The production on this track was nothing short of amazing.

Do us a favor. Check this one out now. The expressive performance also earned her a worldwide hit, hitting the Top on the overall chart in Australia.