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Single At A Wedding

Do them the favour of reserving hotel blocks at different price points and get them in touch with a buddy or two to potentially carpool with to save them a few extra bucks.

When they have too much downtime Yes, getting your guests to mix and mingle is essential, but too much downtime can be bad news for single guests. Nyquest Entertainment When the playlist only features slow songs Slow songs are designed for couples, not single ladies and gents. You should be spending your evening enjoying your wedding, not channelling your inner Chris Harrison.

Lining up potential suitors for single friends is a far cry from subtle and will probably make them feel more awkward than adored. When crafting your seating plan , try to place people with common interests together. First and foremost, be tactful. Keep an open mind See strangers as an opportunity for conversation.

Sometimes it can be nice to stand peacefully on the sidelines. Start by asking who they know and how; weddings are celebratory, so most people will be in the mood to talk.

Dress the part One of the simplest ways to combat nerves is to feel your best when you leave the house. Want your skin to glow? Treat yourself. Own a glittering eyeshadow that makes you grin? Wear it on the day.

Find an outfit that makes you feel truly comfortable in your own skin — both literally and figuratively. I wore a silk pyjama-esque suit to wedding solo once, which made me feel wonderfully relaxed, not to mention a little bolder for actually doing it. Table seating is generally a high-stakes diplomatic undertaking, planned with military precision to ensure maximum joviality and minimal meltdowns.

But if you casually tease out a bit of background ahead of time, such as whose table you'll be on and a little information about neighbouring guests, that way you can feel prepared — maybe there'll be some common-ground to mine.

And when you do get in the taxi home, remember you found the courage to come alone. And that you — and just you — were more than enough.