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Single Dad Meme

A typical night out. And, as this single mom meme hilariously points out, sometimes this might mean a hard pass on eating out. You get double the rewards. Image via unknown What do you get for wearing all the hats?

Double the uphill battles but also double the benefits of parenthood. What single moms are fueled by: courage, strength and love. Image via unknown The flick that brought people up close and personal with terrifying dinosaurs has nothing on the reality of raising kids solo. All of the days have one thing in common. Image via unknown As this anonymous single mom meme explains, raising children as a single mom can feel like a roller coaster of emotions from day to day.

Being a single mom means uncharted territory. All the time. Image via unknown Forget about Zuckerberg and Bezos. Moms who do double parenting duty are the ultimate bosses, as noted by this anonymous meme, which hits the nail on the head. You spread on the peanut butter while simultaneously un-crumpling the math homework. You are everything to your children because they are everything to you.

In between the doctor visits, brace-face bullying and missing soccer cleats 5 minutes before game time you consciously find ways to teach your offspring that integrity, kindness, and hard work is what defines you as a person.

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