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Single Hawaiian Men

To the point where everyone is ready for bed after dinner. Maui is the second most visited of the Hawaiian islands and second in size behind the Island of Hawaii.

Perhaps due to its size and fewer people, it is known more for rejuvenating and more intimate vacation spot compared to Oahu. A-list celebrities and internet millionaires can be found on Maui enjoying the sites and the resorts.

Singles heading to Maui can choose from a variety of trip types. Luxurious, 5-star resorts with secluded beaches abound on Maui like in Wailea on the southside. One can park themselves there to get a spa treatment, pools with swim-up bars, and white sand beaches. The Hotel Wailea is an adult-only hotel that does not disappoint when it comes to a luxury Hawaiian vacation.

Renting a car is recommended due to activities and sites are stretched out across the island. There is so much to see and do around Maui to keep you busy. Maui is best enjoyed with a couple of beach days dispersed amongst activity days. You can pick the level of excitement you want. With a rental car and fewer budget-friendly lodgings compared to Oahu, Maui can be more expensive for a solo traveler. Maui is more intimate than Oahu. The restaurants and bars have a beachy vibe and island time is in full effect.

The slower pace makes for more opportunities to meet locals and other single tourists. Sunset and snorkel cruises come in all sizes. Hop on a boat and mingle on Maui. Kihei is a popular town for single tourists with its large beach and abundant bars and restaurants within walking distance from condos and resorts. Kihei is popping during spring break time. With 1. Kauai may be too quiet for most singles. The resort area in Princeville is better for honeymooners, babymooners, and families than singles looking to meet someone.

As a solo traveler looking for adventure on their holiday, Kauai would be your top pick. Kauai packs a punch with amazing hiking trails and camping. The best sunset cruise of my life was on the Na Pali Coast. The towering sea cliffs, lush mountains, and sitting on the net of the catamaran sipping cocktails made for an unforgettable and lively cruise.

I recommend Kauai for a solo traveler looking for adventure over romance. You may find a local on the hiking trail who shares your interests so anything is possible.

What are some of the most common misconceptions people have about Hawaii? Because the Hawaiian Islands are so removed from the rest of the world — after all, the Aloha State is the most isolated population center in the entire world — many people have misconceptions about the people who live here and the islands themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, people from Hawaii do more than surf, spend time at the beach drinking Mai Tais, and playing the ukulele in our Hawaiian shirts. Address: Hawaii, USA. I am a realist.. I live in Hawaii and work for the gov't. I like to think I am honest,intelligent and value loyalty above all else. I like to do outdoor type things like going to the.. I like to read, write, and act on stage. I work as an interpreter of Italian, French, and Russian languages for the courts in Honolulu, Hawaii.