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Single Mom Pics

Single, working mothers in low-income neighborhoods have too many other things to worry about. And they have no record of themselves with these children they love so fiercely and work so hard for. As Ahna says, "In their fight to provide a better life for their children, there is certainly no room in the budget to hire a photographer.

There is no proof, no tangible memories, and simply no photos of them with their children. She focused on the Inwood section of Manhattan. This content is imported from youTube. Selfies, taken with the camera or phone held high above us at impossible angles or dangling precariously while we are jumping in the ocean or peering off the balcony , are the way my son and I both are shown living the moments we share. When Allison Tate wrote "The Mom Stays in the Picture," I wasn't surprised it went viral quickly and that so many mothers would relate and react, challenging themselves to ask someone else to take a photo so they would not be left out of the family archive.

But it was also too much for me to read at the time. It struck too close to my hard drive. A year later, when Tate updated her audience on what it had been like to write that post and to actively stay in her own albums for the full calendar, I was finally able to take it all in.

I read and it clicked, this time with less pain. Advertisement I have a new challenge, now that the Not Boyfriend is in our lives and photographs, to voice my desire to continue staying in the picture. We're not yet at the place where it occurs to him, in moments of overwhelm and love, to snap photos the way I do. I'm not taking this as a sign that things in this relationship are anything like they were the last time I told a man to please include me in the photos things are definitely not the same.

I am, however, still working to say aloud how important it is to me to see my face alongside theirs. In the meantime, there are selfies. Lots and lots and lots of selfies. Counting myself in has been one of the greatest exercises of being a single mother, and it has not always been easy. Even when the numbers only go up to TWO, adding myself in -- and then clicking the camera button -- has reinforced with each photo that I am important, my face matters, I am still here.

Single mamas need to take selfies -- with kids, solo, with lady friends, with new loves. It is critical for us to put ourselves front and center, to position to our best side and to stay in frame. It's also momentous to learn to ask friends and passersby to please take a picture of you with your children or you standing fabulously all on your own.

Practice that. Move out of the discomfort and in front of a beautiful piece of artwork, an ornate door, the magnificence of the ocean or into a crazy, hilarious pose. But don't forget to take hold of your own camera and snap away, reminding yourself that every click counts. Just like every person in your family.

I love the little play in this next picture of mom and son. It would look adorable as a canvas wrap. This family really shows its playful side. Do you want to improve your photography skills?

I really like the simplicity of this one and the way it catches the connection between mother and child. Make a special family photo album just for your little one.

This single mom and daughter radiate personality in this fun photo. This is another great example of capturing the connection between mother and daughter.

It looks like this mom spends a lot of time reading to her daughter. Think of an activity you share that you can incorporate during your family photo shoot.