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Onward and up. There was some turn-back-the-clock court coverage. There were the excited yells and raised fists after some of her most effective shots. And there were her mother, Oracene Price, and older sister, Venus, up in the guest box, just like old times.

She actually collected more total points, She determined the outcome of most exchanges, with more than twice as many winners as Tan, , but also nearly twice as many unforced errors, In her prime, this result would have been disappointing as can be, considering the stage and the opponent.

And in the Revival first played Telluride, Colorado, forming a connection with the region and its fans that has prospered for 45 years. Bush was the newgrass commando, incorporating a variety of genres into the repertoire.

He discovered a sibling similarity with the reggae rhythms of Marley and The Wailers, and, accordingly, developed an ear-turning original style of mandolin playing. A three-record contract with Capitol Records and a conscious turn to the country market took the Revival to new commercial heights. They released chart-climbing singles, made videos, earned Grammy nominations, and, at their zenith, called it quits.

I needed a break. But, I appreciated the 18 years we had. In he reunited with Fleck, now a burgeoning superstar, and toured with the Flecktones, reigniting his penchant for improvisation. Daniel Vogelbach flies out to deep center field to Victor Robles.

Josh VanMeter flies out to deep center field to Victor Robles. Pirates 2, Nationals 0. Nationals first. Cesar Hernandez singles to left field. Juan Soto grounds out to shallow infield. Cesar Hernandez out at second. Josh Bell doubles to center field. Nelson Cruz singles to right center field. Josh Bell scores. Luis Garcia singles to right field. Nelson Cruz to second. Keibert Ruiz singles to deep center field. Luis Garcia to third. Nelson Cruz scores. Yadiel Hernandez strikes out swinging.

Pirates 2, Nationals 2. Nationals second. Ehire Adrianza singles to deep right field.