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Thanksgiving Ideas For Couples

But let me tell you, any time in November is a great time to fit in a Thanksgiving date your with favorite person! Thanksgiving Date Ideas Volunteer! See if you can find a time to help get some food together and serve those in need! Need a service idea? It gives you tons of immediate service project needs in your community.

Also, feel free to decorate it and get artsy with the top crust. If you put some sexy inappropriate saying on top, that can spice things up and be a secret only the two of you need to know about.

Attitude of Gratitude When was the last time you thanked each other for the little things you do? My husband sent me flowers one day this year that literally thanked me for doing my kids laundry and keeping our household afloat.

He scored major points! Cut up your responses, put them in a jar, and take turns drawing items. Grab your other favorite couple s and enjoy a group date. Name it together and drink away. Cook Together Join forces in the kitchen to make your dinner masterpiece and good memories that will last through the season. Simply make a reservation, show-up and voila! While other women are spending the day slaving over a stove, you and your man can enjoy all of the pleasures of eating a five-course, candle-lit meal with none of the work.

Make Your Own Soundtrack Work together to come up with a list of love songs that make you think of and appreciate each other.

Share with each other the favorite memory you have of that person. Who we are is the sum of our experiences and the sum of the people who have shared in and shaped our lives. Honoring those people is a lovely Thanksgiving idea for couples to share in that also helps you learn more about each other. I am sure there any many, MANY people out there who would give anything to have a life like mine. Heck, even having a roof over our heads, food in our fridges, and running water, makes us blessed beyond many.

There are so many ways in which you can do this. Get into the spirit of gratitude by starting a Thankful jar. Purchase a large jar like this one.