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Theres Something Missing In My Heart

Comment I study emotional responses in relationships and write about them to help others improve their well-being and self-awareness. Do you feel your relationship is lacking something? I'll discuss how to get in touch with your desires and find what's missing. Is something missing in your romantic relationship? Image by Christine Engelhardt from Pixabay Why do we sometimes get involved with someone who doesn't quite fulfill our needs? As a result, when something is missing in a relationship, we tend to hold off with making a permanent commitment to that relationship.

We may still live, love, and laugh, but both partners may feel some emptiness. We may be so uneasy about it that we fail to communicate our needs, especially if what's missing is some strong need that we may be ignoring. Let's begin with getting in touch with your needs. In reality, we have no problem building and holding on to long-term relationships. But they go nowhere.

Something important is missing. What's missing may be some strong need of ours that we don't realize we have. It was difficult for me to accept this because I associated introversion with shyness, weakness, and weirdness, but the more I felt into this truth about myself, the more I started to love the real me. My introversion taught me about the beauty of downtime. It helped me feel into my body and learn all the things she needed at any given time to feel relaxed and nourished. But, I rarely checked in with myself to process my feelings, or to feel into what I really needed.

I learned that I had abandoned my needs most of my life in the name of acceptance. Much of this process involves facing what we have denied to ourselves for so long. It is painful, but extremely powerful. The gold at the end of the rainbow: I feel more inspired, refreshed, and connected. That is the theme of my life. So, what are some of the lessons that you can expect when you say yes to soul work? Embrace your feelings—even the dark ones.

Do not chase happiness. This beautiful universe is all about duality. How could you possibly love the light without experiencing the dark?

Because you would not have a reference point. And, what is the fastest path to the light? They are the gateway to your soul. I am talking about the feelings that are trying to deliver messages to you all day long. The good. The bad. The ugly. An amazing mentor taught me one of the most powerful processes for releasing negative emotions. It just requires breathing and focus on the feeling.

Once you feel the energy of an emotion, it shifts and moves as you breathe into it. There are so many insights that come to the surface when you remove the initial layer and make room for the expression of the pain. Once the veil of pain is removed, you reach a higher perspective, where you see any situation from a higher plane and not just with your limited human eyes. Then ask your feelings: What are you here to teach me and breathe?

Feel the feeling; breathe into it. Feel it shift and move inside of you. And then write whatever insights you receive. Do not judge yourself at any point. These are your feelings and they are real to you.

When I asked these questions, I had to admit to myself that I was continually expecting people to behave and feel like me, and when that did not happen, I felt disappointed. This way of processing the world was bringing me down, so I reevaluated my relationships. I realized that I had resentment because I felt like I was a giver in most of my relationships.

Because over-giving stems from not checking in and slowing down. I stopped being only a giver. I learned how to receive. I started to express my feelings and most importantly, I started to feel into my needs and say yes to them.

At first, it felt selfish, but then it became necessary. The more I connected with myself and learned about my true needs, the more available I was for deeper and more authentic connections with the world.

Let your inner wisdom be your guide. It knows how to best navigate your life. We listen to opinions all day long, unconsciously and consciously. People with good intentions want to tell us how we should do things, or how we should feel, think, and act. While I personally believe that the universe delivers messages through others sometimes, the ultimate filter of your life must be your inner wisdom, that piece of unconditional love that guides you.

This guidance is available to all of us. Ask yourself: What am I refusing to see? What am I ignoring? What am I hiding from myself? You may not get answers at first, but you will start to build a connection to your inner world.

Our brains will always have a conditioned response to these questions, but when we breathe and feel into the answers, a new message may emerge for you.

A new perspective may be shown to you. One of the biggest revelations for me when I asked these questions is that my true nature is one of a healer and someone who wants to help others heal and get in touch with their hearts. Although my entire life has been all about getting things done and building a career, my true nature is all about feeling and flowing.

A very different energy than the one I was creating in my day-to-day life. There is no better place than here, than now. Being present is one of the most challenging tasks we can undertake, but if we want to transform, we need to learn to master the present. Otherwise, we are forever chasing the next thing. I am currently living a reality where I wish I was doing what I love full time, but apparently, I still have lessons to learn from my current day job.

I stay present by being a light warrior all day, even in the courtroom. I shine my light everywhere, and I allow it to lead me.

Although I am transitioning, it has been very challenging to stay present and bring my light to my day job, because the truth is that I want to be there, but I am here for now. But if I can be present here, I can be present anywhere. Because being present means that you are connected to your body. To stay present, every so often during the day ask yourself these questions courtesy of Tosha Silver : Where am I?

What am I doing right this minute? Where has my mind taken me? And most importantly, am I breathing fully? Love your rest. This is huge. Say no as often as possible in the name of rest!

If my body does not feel like doing something, I honor that now instead of forcing myself to do things out of obligation or pressure. If I am tired and overwhelmed, I no longer have a problem retreating and declining to attend any events, including family commitments. At one point, I thought I needed to be everything to everyone. This led to my mini breakdown. This takes some practice, so please be patient with yourself and do not expect everyone to understand your journey.