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His plan backfires, however, when Claire's co-workers arrive and give her the impression that Wyatt has been stalking her. After failing to prevent Joel and Claire from meeting, Wyatt storms into Claire's room and drags Joel outside. Joel tries to escape from Wyatt only to die after tripping in the hotel parking lot and cracking his skull.

Upon returning to the present, Wyatt learns that Joel's death resulted in Wes being erased from existence. As a result, the two women Wes killed are alive while Jessica remains dead, indicating that someone else killed her. Becky Lucie Guest is a domestic airline stewardess and Claire's co-worker who makes an instant connection with Rufus, primarily due to the fact that they both like TV shows such as The A-Team and Manimal.

Upon his arrival in France, Lindbergh is shot out of the sky and abducted by Flynn, who is determined to prevent him from becoming a member of Rittenhouse. He is rescued by the Lifeboat team and encouraged by Lucy to stay away from Rittenhouse. After returning to the present, however, the team learns that Lindbergh went underground for a few weeks before resuming his intended life of fame and fortune.

Josephine Baker Tiffany Daniels is an African-American singer and entertainer who provides the Lifeboat team with information on Flynn and Lindbergh's whereabouts. In the original timeline, he is arrested and charged with tax evasion. Upon arriving in , Flynn agrees to help Capone avoid prison on the condition that he arrange a meeting with Mayor William Hale Thompson.

During a confrontation with the Lifeboat team, Capone fatally wounds Rufus to return the favor only to be later gunned down by his brother James Vincenzo. In the original timeline, Ness and his team play a key role in the events leading to Capone's arrest. When Capone avoids prison as a result of Flynn's actions, Ness is approached by the Lifeboat team and agrees to help them arrest both Capone and Flynn. Shortly after, however, Ness is assassinated by a hitman sent to his hideout on Flynn's orders.

Following Ness' death, the Lifeboat team convince a reluctant James to bring his younger brother to justice. James later shoots and kills Capone during a gunfight. In , Ethan promises to take Lucy and Wyatt to the Rittenhouse summit on the condition that they keep his homosexuality a secret. After convincing a reluctant Flynn to work with Ethan, the Lifeboat team returns to the present and visit an elderly Ethan, who entrusts them with Rittenhouse's records.

Joseph McCarthy Spencer Garrett is a politician and United States Senator who exploited the country's fear of Communism through his campaign against alleged members of the Communist Party. Upon arriving in , Flynn blackmails McCarthy into revealing where the Rittenhouse summit will be held before claiming Lucy and Wyatt are Soviet spies.

McCarthy later interrogates Wyatt about his supposed relationship to the Soviet Union only to be incapacitated by Wyatt. Army during World War I. He carries around a modern cell phone that contains the manifesto written by Nicholas Keynes for Rittenhouse to control history through time travel.

However, Wyatt gains the upper hand and kills both Mac and Albright. Wyatt later discovers the phone and figures out Rittenhouse's plan to use sleeper cells to change history. On their way back to the army camp, the Curies discover the Mothership and are threatened at gunpoint by Emma, but escape after Wyatt and Rufus intervene. When he meets the Lifeboat team at Darlington Raceway on September 4, , he notices Rufus nodding at him, unaware that it is a modern gesture of respect among African-Americans.

Having been planted in , Millerson gets married, with his wife Annie Tedesco expecting their child prior to the Mothership entering the timeline. Because of this, his integrity to the organization is questioned by Emma. At the Southern , Millerson is assigned on a suicide mission to kill attending automotive executives with a car bomb , allowing Rittenhouse to take over the car industry. Emma holds his wife hostage to ensure he completes his mission. Wyatt shoots Millerson dead, to the horror of his wife, before the trio takes the car away from the speedway and defuses the bomb at Wendell's garage.

Upon returning to the present, the team discovers that Hedy, whom Rufus advised to renew her patents, quit acting and formed a technology company that made her worth over thirty billion dollars. By , he is an RKO Pictures producer.

When his father Josh Randall travels back to , they steal RKO and offer it to William Randolph Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in all of Hearst's papers, enabling Rittenhouse to easily rewrite history with their propaganda. Lucas is shot dead by Wyatt before handing the workprint to Hearst representatives. George Antheil Beau Brians is a musician and inventor who co-patented the radio guidance system with Hedy.

Rufus manages to have a meeting with Balaban by pretending to be African-American playwright Langston Hughes. She meets the Lifeboat team upon their arrival and takes them to the ongoing trials, only to discover that she has been added among the eight people to be executed, potentially erasing her future son Benjamin Franklin from existence. The Lifeboat team saves Abiah and all of the accused from execution, turning the Salem witch trials into the "Salem revolt".

Bathsheba Pope Emily Swallow is Abiah's sister and one of the accusers during the Salem witch trials. The Lifeboat team confronts Bathsheba and her husband, Joseph Patrick Fischler , about her accusing Abiah of witchcraft.

Samuel Sewall Todd Weeks is one of the judges during the Salem witch trials. Based on a premonition seen by Jiya of Rufus shooting Samuel, the Lifeboat team suspects Samuel of being a Rittenhouse sleeper agent, but when Flynn interrogates him, they realize he is not one of them. After the Lifeboat team frees all of the accused from being executed, Samuel confronts Rufus with a gun, but Rufus convinces him to go home to his daughter. However, Samuel is trampled by a runaway horse carriage, much to the horror of Rufus.

John Hathorne Henri Lubatti is one of the leading judges during the Salem witch trials. He is killed by Flynn after attacking Lucy while she frees Abiah from being hanged.

Kennedy Grant Jordan is a year-old student in who becomes the 35th President of the United States from to During a mission that goes wrong, Wyatt and Rufus bring the young Kennedy back to the present timeline. While the Lifeboat is recharging for the return trip, Kennedy leaves the bunker and roams around the San Francisco area. He befriends a college student named Kayla, who reveals to him his future as president and the unfortunate events his family had to endure.

After the Lifeboat team recovers Kennedy, he is told by Rufus not to go to Dallas on November 22, Shortly after bringing Kennedy back to and picking up Flynn, Rufus discovers that Kennedy is assassinated in Austin.

She and her friends drop him off to the nearest hospital after he experiences stomach pains, which is one of his lifelong health issues. His music led to the birth of rock and roll , which became an integral part of the counterculture of the s. After the Lifeboat team saves Johnson from a Rittenhouse agent, producer Don Law gets into a heated argument with them before Johnson walks out, believing he is cursed by the rumors of him selling his soul to the devil.

Mason, who is a fan of Johnson's music, convinces him to continue his career as a musician and records his sessions after Law is murdered by another Rittenhouse sleeper agent named Betty Natasha Marc. When the Lifeboat team returns to the present timeline, Mason discovers he is credited in Johnson's album under the pseudonym " Lando Calrissian ".

Just as Lucy and Flynn prepare to bring Law to a juke joint to record Johnson's performance, Law is shot dead by the Rittenhouse sleeper agent Betty. Rittenhouse sends a sleeper agent to March 4, , to frame Alice for the murder of Senator Wadsworth, preventing her from giving her speech in front of U.

She earned the nickname "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" after solving the cold case of Ruth Cruger's disappearance. Lucy and Wyatt enlist her help in proving Alice's innocence. Following the death of Alice, Grace encourages the women's suffrage movement to hold a silent vigil. Grace stops the sleeper agent from killing Lucy and takes Alice's role in giving the speech in front of President Wilson.

She wants Denise to leave the force and settle in an arranged marriage. In the original timeline, Denise has almost no relationship with her mother, who doesn't know about Denise's wife and children. When Denise is nearly killed in , Ananya convinces her to accept an arranged marriage, potentially ending Denise's future law enforcement career. Jiya and Lucy convince Denise not to go through with the marriage.

Denise admits that she's gay to her mother, something Ananya does not take well. When the team returns to the present, Denise and her mother have worked through their difficulties, and Ananya has a loving relationship with her grandchildren. Owen Matthew Alan is a Rittenhouse sleeper agent sent to and activated in , posing as a Secret Service agent ordered to kill Officer Denise Christopher.

After failing to kill Denise, he is nabbed and interrogated by Wyatt and Rufus. Owen tells them that Rittenhouse bailed his family out after his father was caught embezzling money, and he was ordered to do this assignment out of fear for his family's safety in He then confesses that his brother is out to finish the job.

Wyatt and Rufus kill Owen's brother to prevent the assassination, but upon returning to where Owen is held, they discover that he has hanged himself. John Hinckley Jr. He escapes after the Lifeboat team foils his assassination attempt, prompting Lucy and Jiya to get Denise's help in tracking him down. Hinckley wounds himself and has himself admitted to George Washington University Hospital , the same hospital where President Reagan is sent, but is immediately arrested thanks to Lucy and Jiya's tipoff.

She survives, and the Time Team gets her help to find the Rittenhouse sleeper agent. Despite being low on troops, Harriet was still determined to carry out the raid and free the slaves from Willow Glen Plantation. The team helps her get back up from Colonel Montgomery Ben Bowen , freeing the slaves and defeating the Confederates. Emma provides him a book on the Civil War military history so he can ambush the 2nd South Carolina regiment and prevent the Combahee River Raid.

He tries to escape with the book, but Rufus burns it, and Ryerson escapes in a panic. He is cornered by the Union army and gunned down by Harriet Tubman. He experiences seizures and visions like Jiya, as a result of overcrowding in the Lifeboat.

Stanley prefers to stay trapped in his visions, which led to Connor Mason institutionalizing him. Jiya visits him in the mental hospital to better understand her visions. Stanley gives her tips on how to better access them like he does. He has a real heart and he is kind, but I think the biggest part of his character is his sense of what love is. I think he is at his core a very caring person. Tim is also a very smart kid, and he has a pretty good idea of what he wants out of life.

I think the biggest problem Tim has with the world is his own sense of being in control and what it means to be a good person. This is something that he is very conscious of and works hard to find solutions to. He is aware that people are different from himself, and that he can only understand someone else so much before he starts to get confused.

Tim is very good at understanding that he is an individual with a unique perspective of the world and how it works in his own mind. Even though there is a lot of information about what Tim has done in the past, there is still so much of his own personal life that he feels like he doesnt know.

I wonder if we could say he is living a life of love, friendship, learning, and truth. Tim has been in a coma so long that he forgot that he even knows how to cook, and his new body is a mixture of food and machines at times.

That means his best friend, a chef, constantly tells him what to do.