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Seek pleasure and you will quickly discover the shortest path to suffering. Foreseeing this outcome, Sir Thomas wrote a letter to his children in Cornish outlining the Rules for a Knight — the life lessons Sir Thomas wished to pass along to his four children.

The severely damaged letter was adapted and reconstructed by Ethan Hawke, after the family discovered it in the early s in the basement of the family farm near Waynesville, Ohio after his great-grandmother passed away. Or, so the story goes. The resulting book, Rules for a Knight — in reality, a work of fiction — began over a decade ago.

Why a book about knights? Or, aspiring to be a good person cool. And then, invariably, you start asking yourself, well, what do we really believe in? I wrote it out—the idea was we were going to put it on the wall, in calligraphy. Like, these are the rules. The work stands alone as a blueprint of civilized growth and self-improvement, the path to becoming a humble, strong, and reliable gentleman or lady. Eisenhower, and Mother Teresa, as Hawke credits them on the acknowledgment page.

Solitude Create time alone with yourself. When seeking the wisdom and clarity of your own mind, silence is a helpful tool. The voice of our spirit is gentle and cannot be heard when it has to compete with others. Just as it is impossible to see your reflection in troubled water, so too is it with the soul. In silence, we can sense eternity sleeping inside us. Humility Never announce that you are a knight, simply behave as one.

You are better than no one, and no one is better than you. Gratitude The only intelligent response to the ongoing gift of life is gratitude. Pride Never pretend you are not a knight or attempt to diminish yourself because you deem it will make others more comfortable. We show others the most respect by offering the best of ourselves. Cooperation Each one of us is walking our own road.

We are born at specific times, in specific places, and our challenges are unique. As knights, understanding and respecting our distinctiveness is vital to our ability to harness our collective strength. Tim is very good at understanding that he is an individual with a unique perspective of the world and how it works in his own mind. Even though there is a lot of information about what Tim has done in the past, there is still so much of his own personal life that he feels like he doesnt know.

I wonder if we could say he is living a life of love, friendship, learning, and truth. Tim has been in a coma so long that he forgot that he even knows how to cook, and his new body is a mixture of food and machines at times. That means his best friend, a chef, constantly tells him what to do. What Tim does is just be a good person. He is also a great teacher. Over the past decade, the left has become a powerful force in American For decades now, he has collected That aspiration is now History What does it mean to reckon with the violence, the tragedy, and the numerous contradictions of America?

That is the focus of this Friday 13 May Sway: 'Fear and Panic Are Bedfellows' in Ukraine Today we're bringing you an episode from our friends at Sway about the war in Ukraine and the challenges of conflict-zone He Understood It.

Vance, Mike Pence, Glenn Youngkin — are trying to figure out how to channel Maybe That's a Good Thing.