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Timeless Leading Life Love Learning

Tim has been in a coma so long that he forgot that he even knows how to cook, and his new body is a mixture of food and machines at times. That means his best friend, a chef, constantly tells him what to do. What Tim does is just be a good person.

He is also a great teacher. A person who lives a life of love, friendship, learning, and truth is an incredibly bright person.

He has a very unique perspective on life, and his personality is one of a kind. He loves to learn and he loves to be around people. He is a life-long learner and a great listener. He also loves animals and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is able to connect with other people easily. Tim has a bit of a personality disorder in that he is a bit aggressive, but Tim also is very loyal and he cares for others.

The teaching of wise leaders begins in the grammar school, where the overarching goal is to build a foundation for future learning, which we know is a lifelong endeavor. At the grammar level, the greatest focus is on reading, because it is the source of knowledge in all other disciplines. Writing also receives great attention in grammar because the written word is the main way ideas are expressed. Instruction in writing may be taught in English class, but it is practiced in all subject areas.

This absorption of facts provides that foundation for logical analysis and critical thinking which come at the next level. By the later stages of grammar, students demonstrate mastery of this body of knowledge and begin to show readiness for the logic stage of classical schooling.